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As Men, What are Your Thoughts About Using Anti Ageing Skincare Products?

Asked by lncago (18points) July 25th, 2017

What do you think about using anti aging skincare products?

My favorite barber mentioned that I have a healthy looking skin (thanks to my wife who constantly applies her stuff on me).

I told him about it and he said that I should also start using anti aging skincare products (don’t know if I should be offended) that is formulated for men.

Anti aging skincare products is something I only see on my wife’s stuff and just thinking about adding one more step to my grooming routine makes me wince, imagine sharing the bathroom with your wife every day while she does her stuff.

Anyway, vanity reasons or not, do you think you should also be using anti aging products?

If you’re already using one, what brand are you using? Any other options?

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To each his own.

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Why not if you want to. There are no rigid boundaries around skin care products. if you really want to take care of your skin use sunscreen and yes, moisturizer too.
Men get pedicures and manicures too, nothing wrong with a little self pampering for anyone of any sex.

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Aging is part of life. Quit trying to escape the inevitable. Embrace the fact that you are reaching an age of wisdom and maturity.

Besides, who knows what sort of chemical crap is in there, and what it will do to you.

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I hope not, because I cannot be bothered. I have to start facing consequences that make me uncomfortable before I can even sometimes put on sunblock or bug repellent.

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If your wife wants you to use it, do….

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A waste of time and money. Leave such measures for the fools whose lives revolve around their looks.

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I just grew a beard to save some cash.

But I will repeat what I said 100 times before. A really hot washcloth and a wiping of your face a few times a day is all you really need.

Every single skincare product I have tried has made things worse. Steaming-rags folks.

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I live in the sun by choice. Nothing that has been invented can completely protect me, so I don’t worry about it.

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I could care less, I wear those crowsfeet and grey hair with pride. I feel it is a waste of time.

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Hey, if it works and makes you feel better about yourself, I say go for it. Personally, I feel like I had my turn to be young, and now it’s other peoples’ turn.

Which reminds me….last night we saw McCartney in concert in Chicago. In his mid-70s….gigantic screens onstage showing continual tight close-ups. He looked younger and cooler than half the people in the audience, regardless of age.

I ain’t gay, guys, but whatever Paulie is doing, maybe we should consider doing that….

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