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What is your opinion on girls with short hair?

Asked by CassFlan (23points) July 28th, 2017

Do you find them too masculine or do you fancy them and believe they’re cute and stylish?

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I like it on some women, it actually brings out their more feminine features.

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Depends entirely on the style of short. Lots of short styles frame the face sweetly and I’d consider those plenty feminine.

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It is cute on a lot of women, and off-putting on others. It really is dependent on how the woman styles it and how it fits her face. Same applies to men, some look good with longer hair, some look better with shorter hair.

Hair styles don’t work well as generalizations.

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Mostly, I don’t think much either way. If they like their air short that’s fine with me. Where I live it’s seems like the majority of the women have short hair. I have long hair now, extensions, but my husband prefers it shorter.

The only short cut I don’t like is when it’s very extreme long in the front and hacked very short in back. That backwards mullet thing. It doesn’t look good on anyone. A little angle can be very cute, but too much looks tacky.

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Um…that they like having their hair short?

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I love how it looks, always have. I’ve recently grown out my hair but spent the last 3 years with a pixie cut and loved it.

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^And looked adorable with a pixie cut!
I like short hair on girls as long as it fits their face.

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My opinion is that they should wear their hair however they want.

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Depends on the girl/woman. Some look great in short hair, some not so much—in MY opinion. My partner wears hers stylishly short and I love it. And I never fail to tell her so.

And I agree with the above comment. It’s strictly a woman’s choice. If she’s happy with her hair that’s all that matters.

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I like it. My wife has short hair and has shaved her head a couple of times, and I think she looks great with both styles.

@canidmajor We should probably assume that the question is supposed to be read as something like “what is your opinion of short hair on girls?”

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I like it. There’s also the big bonus of practicality.

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Oh, @SavoirFaire, what a pompous and unnecessary link. The details ask “Do you find them too masculine…” which takes it out of the realm of charitable assumption in my world. And as flattered as I am that you single me out for your reprimand, please don’t be so stingy, I was not the only one with that sentiment.

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@canidmajor First, I post that link every time I make a point about reading charitably. It has nothing to do with singling you out. You know this. You’ve even encouraged the practice in the past. Second, if we look at the details correctly, we’ll see they ask if we find women with short hair too masculine (an unfortunately common objection) OR if we believe they are cute and stylish. The wording is infelicitous, but the intent ought to have been clear. We are being asked whether or not we agree with this common objection. Praise be to Fluther for rejecting it.

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@SavoirFaire I think it’s much safer on this site to assume the OP means exactly what their words state. This site is dedicated to carefully writing. If you want charity, please, go to Facebook.

I like short hair on girls. I have seen some women with shaved heads that I thought was quite attractive. No, they weren’t shaved as the result of illness.

Still, I have to be honest. I have a daughter who had very long hair as a child and adolescent. It was very beautiful. She’s now an adult and wears it short. It took me some time to grow accustomed to it. I see its beauty now.

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I don’t like when I mistake a woman with short hair (from afar) for a cute, effeminate male. That’s happened to me a few times. D: Other than that, I don’t have much of an opinion.

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I agree that short hair can be very attractive on some women, but I do think longer hair is more feminine in most peoples eyes.
I have cut my hair somewhat shorter the last few years but will never have a very short cut. The shortest I have ever gone is shoulder length and will, most likely, keep my hair at least that long until the day I die. So many older women go for the super short cuts and often they all just bend together in one big blur of cookie cutter middle aged women.

I think a woman should wear her hair however she likes, of course, but I will not be one of those older women with a generic short haircut.

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I like girls. I like girls with long hair, but I understand how hard it is to take care of. The right short cut can look so darn cute! And it exposes the neck and shoulders, one of the sexiest spots on a woman.
But I like girls. Long hair, short hair…
I like girls!

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I like whatever hair they have, assuming it’s clean.

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@CassFlan Female here. I don’t think the length of a woman’s hair necessarily makes her more or less feminine.I like short, medium and long hair styles. And styled for the woman’s face shape. Whatever the current rage is in haircuts, and styles not every woman will look good in it. Wear your hair in the style, cut and length you feel comfortable!

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Welcome to Fluther.

Short hair on girls doesn’t make them “masculine” any more than wearing trousers, having muscles, climbing trees, shooting a gun, running or throwing a ball.

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It’s hair. I don’t give a shit what other people do with it.

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I don’t think anyone really gives a shit, but the question is about preferences not about giving a shit.

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Not a fan… Of the hair style….

The there’s a lot of gorgeous women with short hair out there. But, IMO, they would look exponentially better with longer hair.

Yes. It is less “feminine.”

Again. Just my opinion.

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I prefer men with longish hair.

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I see that I neglected the last part of the question, so:

There’s a young woman in our office who I see from time to time (it’s a big office, and we work in different areas, so I’ve never met her or worked with her – I don’t even know her name), but she recently cut her hair from “however long it was” (I don’t recall having noticed how long her hair was “before”) to very short, like an inch or so. Her crew cut is shorter than mine sometimes is.

She’s a knockout. Funny thing is that I had never “really” noticed her before, but her attractiveness now is sort of magnified. Of course, I’m a dirty old man, so there’s that, too.

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On some cute and stylish. It really depends on the persons features and the type of hair they have. Like super full bouncy hair doesn’t always look good. Not every stylist knows how to cut down the thickness and it ends up looking like helmet on a girls head. Or hair that tends to get frizzy in bad weather can be a nightmare when short unless you are going to wear a lot of product.
My hair is pretty thick. When ever I get it cut short, I have to find someone who knows how to thin it down or it goes in helmet mode.
But generally, I find that short haircuts give people a cleaner and more youthful look unless the cut is a pixie cut. Then on some people it can age them or make them look youthful.Then it really all depends on their age and shape of the face and what kind of shape is their skin.

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Depends on how short. On some, the boy cut can be very stylish, but on others, look terrible.

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Well, I’m a huge fan of the pixie cut on certain women. When they have feminine features already getting all that hair out of the way just accentuates their delicate neck and shoulders. Drives me crazy. I wish more women would cut it shorter or tie it back.

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I prefer short. My method of love-making somewhat requires it.

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There are some women who look good with short hair, some are incredibly beautiful no matter what length their hair is.

I agree with @Coloma in that I will never be an older person with short hair. A lot of older women seem to get short hair cuts like a boy length, but it won’t be me.

My hair was on the longer side for most of my life, except once when I had it cut somewhat short. I found it to be harder to style when it was short. It wasn’t very forgiving, there wasn’t a lot to style so it required work. With longer hair like I have now, in layers, I can use a round brush, a straight brush, I can mush it up and dry it, I can pull it back in a ponytail if I am running late or don’t want to deal with it, I can put it up in a bun if it’s really hot – so many options and it never looks bad.

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@jca Funny, I have a thing about a particular shade of blonde that is an “aging woman” color (rather than focusing on the particular cut) that I don’t want to have as my hair color. One time a hair stylist did it to me, and I was not happy. When I told her once I saw the color that I had wanted the under color darker (I brought photos of the color I wanted) she said, “that wouldn’t have looked right on you, your too old.” I was in my early 40’s and only a few spare greys. The color she did to my hair was a typical color I see that women use as the go grey. I was annoyed. She just chose to dye my hair three shades lighter than I asked for.

It’s not the color blonde you have, it’s more like a very very light brown with a gold/yellow hue. If I go blonde I go very blonde, or very blonde highlights. That’s what I want anyway, but sometimes these stylists go more dirty blonde.

A lot of women here actually let themselves go grey.

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Depends. It can look good. But I generally prefer longer hair. I rarely have or relate aesthetically to reactions that prefer quite short hair to some length.

I do of course get that different people have different tastes.

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Found this example of a pixie cut where it actually looks very adorable on this person. But she has the right shape of face and youthful skin.

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@Pandora She does look good in the pixie. But she’s beautiful in general, and happy, and has a top-notch pro job of it. She also had beautiful long hair before that, which was shown unwashed and tied in a headband. I have no doubt that long hair could have been spectacularly groomed, too.

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@Hawaii_Jake “I think it’s much safer on this site to assume the OP means exactly what their words state.”

This is meaningless in light of that fact that all communication involves interpretation. We should assume that the OP means exactly what their words state, but interpretation is required to figure out exactly what is being stated by those words.

“This site is dedicated to carefully writing.”

The site has high writing standards in terms of grammar and spelling, but relatively low standards when it comes to precision. Regardless, the OP is a new user and this is their first question. It would be irrational to assume full and immediate integration into Fluther culture upon signing up for an account.

“If you want charity, please, go to Facebook.”

The principle of charity is a basic requirement of rational discourse. It is not to be partitioned to one website or another. So unless you are admitting to being a dishonest and irrational participant in this conversation, this isn’t a very sensible response.

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We’ll my impression of the question was “Do you think short hair on girls is right or wrong?”

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@kritiper We understood. You like girls!

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My intent was to find out your opinion on short hair on girls since there are still a lot of people who find them too masculine or not appropriate (see misogynists who think that girls should never wear their hair short –
I really don’t understand how you can misunderstand the question – but I will learn to master how to write more precisely.

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@Pandora I also find short-haired girls cute and sexy, but of course, as you said, it all depends on your face shape.
Long hair is still something sexy, but I believe that short hair on girls adds this power to their appearance – how can you not find this extremely cute?
I strongly encourage it :D

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@CassFlan No worries. It was clear enough for people who wanted to understand. As for misogynists, articles like that are how people justify their own failures and insecurities. There are a lot of fragile egos in the world.

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Do you find ALL girls with short hair cute and sexy?

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@Dutchess_III sincerely, I find it a form of bravery. In a world where girls with short hair are still being looked upon, I consider that doing what is not that common is an act of courage in its form.
Of course, when saying this I think of girls that keep their short hair clean and neat, in any form they want. I find them lovely and I admire them.

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What do you think women prefer to see in men?

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Well, from a personal point of view – cleanliness. I really don’t care about hair type, hairstyle or anything like that, but I want a man to be clean and neat. I guess a lot of women approve.

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For the same reason you asked us what we thought about women with short hair. Why did you ask us that?

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@Dutchess_III I recently experienced a very.. confusing situation, if I may call it that way. I have a strong opinion on feminism and women’s rights and this is one of the ways of expressing it. I had this conversation with a guy about all these and about short hair on girls and I asked him what he’d think about me cutting my hair pixie style and he expressed a definite “NO”. Not because how I look or how this haircut would look on me, but because he definitely thought girls with short hair aren’t feminine at all.
Ok, one opinion. You can’t make everybody happy, but the way he reacted made me think if this is actually a problem nowadays. It shouldn’t. But it might be.
That’s why I said that I find it a form of bravery and I maintain my opinion. Because even if for some it is a normal thing (mind your own business when it comes to my appearance), for others it might be a problem.

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It might be in some people’s minds, but not everyone’s. FWIW I prefer guys with longish hair. But I doubt you’ll find any long discussions about men with long hair anywhere, and whether or not women find it attractive.
It’s a little baffling the lengths we women go to go be attractive, doing things we’d really rather not do.

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My younger sister has short boy-like hair but I still think shes pretty.

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