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What do you think - is soy really bad for you?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) August 11th, 2008

Both pro-soy and anti-soy people have a lot of research to back them up, and typically, feel very passionate about soy in whatever way. So, this is an opinion question, but if you have an excellent/amazing article or source you’d like to share, go ahead.

Also, if you are of the anti-soy persuasion, how much is too much?

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It is for me. It interferes with my thyroid medicine.

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What are you referring to? Phytoestrogens? Genetic modification? I’ve always wondered how the PEs effect the female reproductive system.

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@tinyfaery: Well, supposedly it’s bad for your digestive system, reproductive system, hormone balance, things like that. Someone else can probably explain it better than me.

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As an estrogen-positive, breast cancer survivor, I heed my Oncologist, even tho I love tofu. He says that not enough long-term studies have been done, so the jury is still out. He advises me to be better safe than sorry and eat no soy products except raw edamame beans, which are delicious.

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Here is what the National Institute of Health says:

“In total, 14 trials (thyroid function was not the primary health outcome in any trial) were identified in which the effects of soy foods or isoflavones on at least one measure of thyroid function was assessed in presumably healthy subjects; eight involved women only, four involved men, and two both men and women. With only one exception, either no effects or only very modest changes were noted in these trials. Thus, collectively the findings provide little evidence that in euthyroid, iodine-replete individuals, soy foods, or isoflavones adversely affect thyroid function. In contrast, some evidence suggests that soy foods, by inhibiting absorption, may increase the dose of thyroid hormone required by hypothyroid patients. However, hypothyroid adults need not avoid soy foods. In addition, there remains a theoretical concern based on in vitro and animal data that in individuals with compromised thyroid function and/or whose iodine intake is marginal soy foods may increase risk of developing clinical hypothyroidism. Therefore, it is important for soy food consumers to make sure their intake of iodine is adequate.”

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don’t eat too much. if you are a woman especially it mimics estrogen in your body. things that mimic estrogen have been tied to breast cancer…....

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See the advice from my Oncologist. ^^

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I like soy but it’s high in uric acid which is bad for my gout.

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