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How much would a 5 year old male Jack Russel be Worth?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 11th, 2008

I was just wondering if anyone knew. I live in Michigan.

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Are you planning to hock your dog?

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I doubt you would be able to sell him at all. You may just want to see if you can find him a good home for free if you can’t keep him any longer.

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I am just wondering. I do not want to sell my dog or anything like that I love him too much.

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In that case he’s priceless.

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true Carla. I(was just wondering for other dogs like him.

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This site might be able to give you the info you’re looking for. They are wonderful little dogs. I had one a few years ago.

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if he is pure bred you could get some money, i have a jack russle i got him as a puppy he was the runt, he is pure bred but only his mother is ACK certified so he was cheeper, but he was about $300 and worth every penny :]

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I believe he is a pure breed but I’m not sure. The fact that I believe he is one is why I am asking.

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If he is neutered, not much. He can’t be bred.

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but he can still show

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How would you put a price on a family member? Dogs that we see at the Madison Square Garden show every year are often co-owned by several people. They are ‘worth’ a pretty penny when it comes to filing an insurance claim agains their loss, but they’re no more precious than my Jack Russell mix.
He would have to be a titled champion of some sort before he would really be worth anything as a stud. Otherwise, the general procedure is if you and another Russell owner make an agreement, you would get your pick of the litter for stud service.

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I don’t know that anyone would buy a 5 year old Jack Russel for any price. The only two situations where someone might want him is to make him a show dog or a breeder. In both cases you would need his ACK certified papers and prove that he is purebred (along with all his family history to inflate the price).

If you did sell to someone who was using him for these purposes, he probably wouldn’t have as good a life as he does with you.

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@ bodyhead I would never sell him for those reasons.

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This would be a whole different story if you wanted to know for insurance purposes. Dogs are considered property under every state law that I’m aware of. For example, if my dog dies in a car wreck while I’m driving, my insurance will pay out up to $500 if I can prove her worth is $500 or greater. I only know this because I asked my insurance agent point blank.

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