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What is the difference between body wash and shampoo?

Asked by rojo (24176points) July 30th, 2017

Or is there any difference?

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Other than fragrance I can’t see a difference either.

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About $2 or so.

Oh, and shampoo isn’t usually ‘enhanced’ with grit such as oatmeal, particulate matter and other ‘exfoliants’.

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“Enhanced with Grit”

now there is a marketing slogan I have not heard yet. Perhaps a TM is in order?

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I’ve washed my hair with body wash and it works fine.

I don’t usually have body wash in the shower but sometimes I’ll take it from the hotel when I’m on vacation, and I’ll use that if it has a nice scent. Other than that, if someone gives me some I’ll use it and enjoy it but it’s not something I typically purchase.

There was a time when I had some body wash and I was using it for about a month, washing my hair with it. When I went to the hairdresser, he commented that my hair was soft and in good condition. I told him I’ve been using body wash on it. He indicated that it’s not a bad thing to use body wash in place of shampoo. I guess if it has stuff to make your skin soft, that works just as well to condition your hair.

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Body wash is used for washing your body. Shampoo is used for shaming your poo.

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@rojo Some products claim to be both shampoo as well as body wash.

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I’ve used both interchangeably with no ill effects. I think the differences are marginal.

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The biggest concern would be the pH level. Your hair and skin are both pH 4.5–5.5, so if your body wash is at that, it’s probably fine. But if it isn’t, you should probably stop even using that product on your skin. You can google the product to find out.

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One of the body washes I use is moisturised. It wouldn’t be good to wash my hair with.

The other one is soap free (god knows what it’s got in it). It’s a Body Shop shower gel and I love the grapefruit smell. I don’t know what the chemical recipe for either is or how they differ from shampoo.

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