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What is a good flowering plant with low maintenance to put on a patio outside?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 11th, 2008

I am a plant killer. I want to be better. I want to learn. But I need a starting point. Any ideas for a hanging plant to put on a balcony that gets direct sun for 4 hours daily?

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begonias. nice flowers. sturdy leaves

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What zone are you? Will this hanging plant be tossed or brought inside for winter? Do you have winters?

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I have never killed a Hibiscus and they are very pretty.
Edit: oops hanging plant, sorry but I always kill those so I don’t know.

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Texas hill country – some pests. I have a raccoon who keeps attacking my bird feeders. I will kill something.

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MrJ, I kill just about every kind of plant I try to grow…inside or out! The only things that can survive my brown thumb are philodendrun(sp?) for inside, and vinca (annual flowers) outside.

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I have removed all bird feeders and sunflower seeds due to squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, wild turkeys, and other pests.

Here’s a good list:
And these vines; could be potted but would need haircuts:

Your best bet is to go to a good, reputable local nursery and talk to someone. The list I sent is really for bedding plants.

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lantana. It is beautiful and drought tolerant.
A good trick it to look at municipal or business flower boxes, plantings etc. in your area. This will help you know what plants are low maintenance and good for you zone (region of the country).

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In summer, perhaps a few black-eyed susans in a planter. They need sun, but are very hardy.

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I’d go with a geranium. They just need some water and some sun. They’re super hard to kill as well. Your local nursery should have a large variety. :)

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If you want heavier bracts, water sparingly. They are a truly drought-resistant plant, and beautiful. The bigger the pot, the better- and allow it to drain.

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Knot: My sister (here in zone 4) has a gorgeous bouganvillea that gets hauled in and out according to the season. The thing is now the size of Audrey II and requires two strong men to move it, so I can’t imagine using it as a hanging plant on a balcony (unless the bldg. is scheduled for demolition.)

Will it be part of your xeriscape plans?

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Yes! Eventually the barren wasteland will be ablaze with color.

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Just so your blood does not contribute.

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petunias they have a type for hanging baskets they are big time color

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Fellow black thumb here as well, but my spider plant is still going strong. It blooms a pretty little white star flower and is perfect for hanging since it sprouts off additional plants. If your main one starts to die, pop off one of its sprouts and start again!

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Portulaca (Moss Rose) can be planted in a container. It endures heat well, and the flowers are bright and pretty.

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