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Tips for bladder expression of a large paraplegic dog?

Asked by xenopii (101points) July 24th, 2007

My dog has pulled his catheter out twice today. The second time, the vet said I could either reinsert the catheter or begin regular, manual expression of the bladder. He also told me how to express the bladder. The problem is that I have a large dog, and will be working alone. Diapers are out, because the incision from his surgery is still open. Does anyone have any tips for positioning the dog prior to expression? Or any other helpful suggestions?

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I went through this with a paraplegic Lab. Walk the dog "wheelbarrow style" (I'm assuming it's his back legs that aren't working) by holding him under the hips and walking him to the area you wish it to urinate. Shift the dog's entire weight to your strong hand, bracing your forearm against that side's knee while you are bent over with the dog's rear end in front of your feet and centered between your feet. Steady the dog's rear end with your other hand while you apply pressure to the bladder (and under the base of the tail for defecation). Wear nasty clothes and shoes 'cause you're likely to get peed on. Good luck.

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