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Do you have a favorite tv show you never miss?

Asked by Eureka (1655points) August 11th, 2008

I’m not much for “reality” tv, but I never miss Project Runway. It’s even better this year for me this year because there is a designer from my hometown on the show. How about you – got a don’t miss?

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All My Children, Intervention.

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Lost, Project Runway.

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@ezraglenn I missed out on the first 5 shows of Lost – and never did catch up. It looks great, but I watch and I cannot figure out what the heck is going on!

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Right now it’s USA men’s basketball in Beijing but a regular is Top Gear on BBC.

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I love Project Runway and Project Catwalk (the UK version)!
Generally speaking, there’s nothing I can’t survive missing the odd episode of, but I try to catch NCIS (Gibbs is my hero!), Desperate Housewives (they are too funny!) and Ugly Betty (she’s just so cute) when I can and I quite enjoy the ”....‘s Next Top Model” for comedy value – especially the “Britain’s…” one – it’s amazing how trashy those girls can be – has be in stitches every time!

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The only TV show I watch on a regular basis (don’t watch much TV in general) is House. I love that show.

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The Soup

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Amazing Race
And, I’m a sucker for America’s Next Top Model & So You Think You Can Dance.
See, I really am a Dork!

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House and 24 still grumpy about missing last season due to the strike!

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Dexter, The Tudors, Californication (sp), The L Word and Weeds (but I usually miss it on tv so I watch it OnDemand)

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Oh yes; Dexter! Love that show too! And it’s so creepy that he looks so much like one of my husband’s friends…..

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Daily show/ colbert report
I miss deadwood!

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I’m looking forward to Heroes returning in the fall.
We don’t have cable, so there are a lot of shows that we just don’t see or have the opportunity to see unless in a hotel room somewhere!

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Anyone familar with Corner Gas? House is great – and so is Dexter!

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I’m looking forward to Heroes too dorkgirl!

I, too, can’t miss Project Runway..but. I actually think it kinda sucks this season.

I can’t wait till Greys Anatomy comes back on!!

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@loki: I miss Deadwood, too! Never in my life have I heard such eloquent language used with such vile expletives…what a hoot. HBO has/had some of the best writing on television. I miss Rome, as well.

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House, Criminal Minds, Project Runway, Pushing Daisies.

There are actually quite a few others that I prefer not to miss and will record if I need to (I am a complete TV addict) but I’ll actually rearrange my schedule and turn down plans to avoid missing those four.

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Greys Anotomy
Desprate House wives

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How I Met Your Mother

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OMG Project Runway! Fierce!

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the iron chef japan, and house of payne

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Reality junkie here!!! Thank you TIVO!

big Brother
The L Word
Project Runway
Top Design
Secret Lives of Women
Tabitha’s Salon Takeover
Shear Genius
Criminal Minds
Without a Trace

Did I mention I was addicted???

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I like to watch naruto episodes without any miss.

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