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What do you do whe you come to a stop sign: a) Read "Stop" and then stop b) Notice the sign is red and then stop, c) Recognize the octagon and then stop, or d) I never really pay any attention?

Asked by sweet_one (26points) August 11th, 2008
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I would have to say I see the color first.

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Notice the sign is red, I suppose.

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I stop at it, then feel relief that I didn’t break the law and get a ticket!

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well since there are not to many things that are red shaped like an octagon and says STOP I guess that when you see all three at once you should probably stop unless if the police could care less. JK

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Ummm, I don’t know what to say.

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E) All of the above.

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And don’t throw gum out the car window while you are considering your options.

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What the hell? Why are you asking and answering your own questions?

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because….I can….lol plus…im kinda new to this…so cut me some slack and answer my question…^_~

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@gailcalled ha ha arent you funny!!! I be sure to hit the grass.

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Dear sweet_one, Welcome to the cllective. I suggest you review the Fluther guidelines, specifically this section:

“Asking Great Questions

Here are some tips to help you get the best responses and earn the respect of the collective:

* Be Specific

“Who likes Saabs?” isn’t nearly as productive as “Why will my 1994 Saab only start when it’s out of gear?”
* Be Genuine

We understand that some people want to ask a question just to see how Fluther works. However, having hundreds of questions like “What’s 1+1?” brings down the quality of the site. Please ask questions that you really want people to answer. ”

Fluther on.

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@Marina lol…Didn’t know there were guidelines to what questions I could ask…I just answers a question about “is there a such thing a stupid question?” I’m sorry I just didn’t think i would actually see that question on a q & a site…I thought it would have been understood. Are you the creator of this site?

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I really want to know what people recognize first when they stop…I am not trying to be funny…It’s a unique question…that was not asked…yet…please dont tell me what I need to do to gain respect…i am just asking random off the wall questions…i just started out, so there will be a point and time were I will ask all kinds of questions…Thanks Marina I already read those guidelines…

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Marina is not one of the founders, but she had a HUGE fan club who love her because she is clear, funny, original and thoughtful. Your last answer means you are not paying attention. “Random off-the-wall questions” belong at Yahoo!. Lurk for a while.

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@gailcalled You may be right, but that is Marina good for her (good for you Marina). I am sweet_one. Right, now, i may not be sweet, but I like random questions and sometimes i ask unique questions and off the wall the wall questions and there will be times were I will be serious.If you do not think you will like them…dont answer. i was wondering about this…many pple do not pay attention to certain things in their life such as the stop sign…so I asked…I was wondering…if pple really did pay attention….I wanted ppl feedback…

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F.) A, B, & C

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