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Why is Trump so plagued with leaks?

Asked by stanleybmanly (18466points) August 4th, 2017 from iPhone

Must each and every screwup be revealed? Or is the leakage rate in this administration no more than usual, and we only view the tip of the iceberg.

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My theory is that a high ratio of “public servants” in this Conniver-In-Chief’s administration are so quietly ashamed and embarrassed about having hooked their wagon to this guy that the only way they can get a decent half-night’s sleep at this point is to ease their conscience a little by secretly tossing darts and arrows from the bottom of the well.

Their only other option now is to openly and publicly state how much dire shit is going on here, but none of them have anywhere near the integrity (or balls) to do that.

I could be wrong…..but I don’t think so…...

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My theory is that Trump is doing the leaking so he can keep his name in the news on an hourly basis.

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I gotta say, my thoughts are aligned with those of @chyna with regards to the vast majority of the leaks especially those that seem designed to redirect the attention from some political shenanigans but there are those which seem to be so far out there and so insultingly ignorant that I find it hard to believe even a person with such misogynistic narcissistic tendencies as Trump would even put them out there. But maybe there is something to the saying that any publicity, even bad publicity is publicity.

That being said, Steve Bannon has an agenda to totally repeal and replace the present US system of government and is a firm believer in the theories of Strauss and Howe and their findings of an 80-year cycle in American history, punctuated by great crises that destroyed an old order and created a new one. We are in that 80 year time frame and it would suit his desires to sew as much discord as possible to facilitate the change he is anticipating this administration will bring. How better to do it that to help get a willing, incompetent stooge elected then show the nation what idiots they are having elected such a bumbling clown. If he can help bring down the administration he helped create the chaos and discord he seeks will be accomplished.

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I agree with @PullMyFinger . I think many underlings know he is a trainwreck and are trying to sabotage him sub rosa.

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The leaks are cries for help.

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Reminds me of some song lyrics:

“We’re sinking and we can’t float,
If you could Lord,
Send a boat.”

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Dissension among the troops. Some of it is actual whistleblowing. I would like to think it is rooted in patriotism. Some of these people may have been true believers in the conservative, pro-business cause (“What’s good for business, is good for America”, etc.) and woke up to the fact that they hitched a ride with a maniac that could do their country harm. I think a lot of the inside leaks during Watergate were the same.

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Trump does not run a unified team. He is known to make people under him compete with each other. There is a lack of heirachy, with many people reporting directly to him, with no incentive to work with others. And he undermines his own people, like when he whines about Sessions.

It’s a workplace guaranteed to foment infighting, resentment, and backstabbing.

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It seems obvious to me that the leaks are part of the ‘full court press’ to delegitimize this president. The Washington Bureaucracy, Is hell bent on overturning the results of this election and they have few tools left to do so. There is little doubt that the leaks have escalated far beyond anything I’ve seen in the past and will likely continue until people start going to jail. I hope that happens soon.

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I think he has too many Republican insiders who watch his every move and squeal when he crosses the line into some other political arena.

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Everyone looking at what is happening in the White House is saying the same thing:
“Can you believe this shit?”

The natural instinct is to tell someone.

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The Washington Bureaucracy, Is hell bent on overturning the results of this election

Is that what AM radio is telling the impressionable ninnies?

Meanwhile, in reality, the White House staff hired by Trump are leaking.

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@Jaxk – saying “obvious to me” is about as useful as “true for me.” If it isn’t widely accepted as obvious, it is not. If it’s obvious to you and few other people, consider that you might not be evaluating the situation correctly. I’m not saying you are definitely wrong in the bulk of your statement, but what you posit is certainly not obvious.

Some leaks must certainly come from those trying to undermine him, but some must come from his inner circle. Why would someone who supports him leak something? To get it on TV, so he’ll actually pay attention. A member of this administration can’t just tell him something reasonable and expect him to act reasonably, and the leak seems to be an adaptive form of managing a volatile president.

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It’s covert whistle-blowing.

There’s some comfort in the fact that “each and every screwup” is still regarded as something worthy of note and not just being shrugged off. We can’t get used to this.

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Anal bleaching taken its toll

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@Jaxk you must admit that there has never before been so rich a vein of embarrassment available for leaking.

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More shit and piss, more leaks. Meaning, this guy has done so many bad/wrong/illegal things that people (either who joined his crew voluntarily, or were already in place) feel the need to let the ugly, stinky truth be known. Most people also value their jobs and don’t want to get shot by people who still love this POS, so they leak it quietly instead of coming forth and telling it publicly.

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Here is why.
He naive about who has access to his staff. He has no idea about the extent that intrigue and ambition can infect the White House.
There is no limit to what people will do to get money, power, prestige, a blow job in the parking lot behind Cafe Milano etc., and the White House staff are particularly susceptible to these temptations.
That’s why he hired General Kelly, because he is starting to figure it out.
Not saying I like him. Just saying.

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We’re never going to get the truth from Trump, someone else has to say it.

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