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Do you know of a "reader" which can enlarge type?

Asked by si3tech (7252points) August 4th, 2017

I am reading large print books. Is there a reader which allows type size adjustment?

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If you mean an e-reader, yes, the Kindle Paperwhite has a range of font sizes and styles to choose from.

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If you’re referring to e-readers then pretty much any should allow you to adjust the font size. I know any of Amazon’s will.

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The nook can also adjust font size. I embiggen the type when it’s late and my eyes are tired.
And going to an ereader will vastly increase your title choices if you need larger print, because of that feature.

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I don’t know of any device or internet-based e-readers that do not allow type size enlargement. If you find such a one, then it might be valuable simply on account of its rarity / antiquity, if not its utility.

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Thanks all! Yes, I meant e-readers. I appreciate your help.

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