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Is it OK to wear soft contacts past the 'recommended' period?

Asked by artificialard (2273points) August 11th, 2008

I wear Acuvue soft contacts daily and they recommend you start a new pair every 2 weeks to a month. But I (and other friends) frequently wear them longer. Are there any issues with wearing the same pair say 2, even 3 months?

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I wouldnt if they told you not to…It may lead to some kind of infection that is probably why they told you not to do so…

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plus, your eyes are the most important on your body…do as they suggest…

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I understand that one can’t wear a single pair forever, I’m just wondering waht are the consequences of wearing these contacts for too long. Certainly there’s some leeway in how long you wear them as they recommend 2 weeks to a month. So what’s the difference? How much of a difference does another month make? What goes wrong if you wear them too long?

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They eventually end up ripping and irritating you after about a month. Mine last about 3 weeks to a month.

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Here is what the FDA approves. Maybe this will help…I would not go more than a month wearing them. I have to change mine out everyday. Depending on your sight, if they gave you 2 weeks to month I wouldnt go over a month.

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I just changed mine after like 2 months (don’t tell my doctor) because one got ripped. I wear the Acuvue Oasis; they feel fine after even a month but I don’t know if that’s healthy. The biggest issue when extending the time for contacts is tearing and accumulation of sedaments. Some if my doctors recommend wearing soft lens for 15 days but other are more leanent and allow usage for a month, however Neva more.

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I do it all them time, but my eyes are messed up most of the time because of it.

P.S. My prescription is -9.5 in the left and -7 in the right. I’m about a hair line away from legally blind.

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@Randy, ouch that’s gotta be harsh. I pray there isn’t a day when one of those suckers slips out while your “operating heavy machinery” or late for work (knock on wood).

P.S. Mine are only a measly -1.5/-1.75

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Shoot. I’m telling ya. It’s rough when something bad happens. I wish I had your vision.

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I don’t think it causes any permanent problems, it just increases your risk of infections. I can wear my for 3 or 4 weeks with no problems, like thehaight, but some people can’t. I think they just recommend 2 to be on the safe side and to make more money.

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Seems like consensus is for a month. I guess it’s just odd that the period can as much as double for different people, or essentially cost twice as much…

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