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Do you have a positive attitude or a negative one?

Asked by Pandora (28095points) August 5th, 2017

I’ve always thought my self as neither being positive or negative. But recently I’ve noticed a tendency to be positive. Within the last 2 weeks. I’ve fallen out in the parking lot flat on my butt. And although I was pissed and it gave me a mad headache, I was thinking, “Thank God, he gave me a round enough butt to land without injury and that my clothes didn’t get ruined and I didn’t even get a scratch.” My husband saw me fall and thought I may have hit my head. Nope. My hands went back and touched the ground but they didn’t get scratched.

Next I twist my ankle on the only rock on a parking lot. “I got mad again but thank God for my thick ankles that can take a bit of punishment,” So no real injury and I managed not to even hit the ground this time.

Next. Long story. A/C is out and I prop a heavy wooden framed picture above the door to prevent the morning sun from coming in the door. I secured it but obviously not well enough. But I kept an eye on it whenever I went to the door. Open and closed plenty of times and it didn’t budge. Well the one time I forgot was the one time it happen to fall and it hit my head really hard.

Even while cursing up a storm this time, again. I thanked God for giving me a thick head and for having bags a ice ready to cool myself down. I put the ice on my head and what should’ve been a bump the size of my hand, is only about 2 inches round and it only hurts if I press on it.

So it got me thinking. Apparently, I must be a positive thinker since I didn’t look at the bad luck of it all. I saw a fortunate outcome. Things could’ve been way worse. Butt’s okay, ankles okay and my head just has a slight bump.

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I’m an “expect the worst, hope for the best” kind of person.

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I am a pessimistic optimist.
Things will get better, but probably not in the near future.

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Neither really, I am sort of a take-what-comes sort of person with a bit of cynicism sprinkled in.

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About half and half for me.

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I look forward to every day, and almost always have fun every day.

I also in the last several years find it very hard to trust professionals and I’m very negative going in whenever I have to rely on an accountant, lawyer, doctor, serviceman, I just feel like almost everyone is incompetent at some level or another, or a liar. It’s pretty awful to feel that way.

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Depends on the day.

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@janbb I had a crappy week because the A/C was down and I keep getting the run around by my home warranty and the repair people. Even had one day where my body temp was 100. All I kept thinking was that it could be worse. I didn’t even lose my temper on that very hot day. I was just too hot and tired to care. Just odd. I always thought I leaned towards the negative.
As a matter of fact, I was so grateful for a beautiful day that I wondered if I may have missed it by being indoors with the A/C running. So I enjoyed a good part of my day outdoors in my yard. Everything looked great and felt great.

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What benefit is derived from negative?

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Definitely negative. Mine is the opposite of the ability to find the good in anything.

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I thought I was negative, but it turns out that I’m more positive than some people. Like you, I can see the silver lining in some things.

But then again I have days when I think everything is going to hell. They don’t last for long fortunately.

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I am a realist. Which means other people think I am negative. But they are just naive idiots.

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Depends on my mood, temperature, time of the day, time of the month, have I eaten or not and what exactly are we talking about.

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I tend to be positive in most situations but there are some aspects of life in which I think in negative way rather than positive. Need to improve on that one.

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I don’t know.
I don’t care.

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I tend to be positive and upbeat most of the time.

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I’m generally upbeat with a, “What, me worry?” outlook on life. So I guess I’d say positive, for the most part. Things seem generally to work out for the best.

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I was a famously optimistic child but I’ve grown up to be pretty negative. It’s not a conscious choice and I wish I were more positive but so far my efforts to change have not worked.

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I am mostly positive.

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I’m fairly good at being chipper, and reasonable at casting people/situations in a generally positive light. And it’s true that very few of the “little things” bother me. I think these are the reasons I get told that I’m a positive/optimistic person. I’m always searching for a “better” answer even if it isn’t there…

I also have a pessimistic streak. It’ll wax and wane somewhat. I can get pretty gloomy at my lowest. Still learning to feel okay with that fact about myself—I worry it makes me a bit too much like some people I grew up knowing.

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