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Do you know yourself?

Asked by Sneki2 (2452points) August 5th, 2017

As asked.

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this is suposed to be in the social, but I pushed the button too soon. Mods?

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Yes, inside and out.

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Yes, very well. Took some flak for that yesterday when I talked about not wanting to be around overly sensitive and emotionally high maintenance people. Was called “judgemental.” LOL Yep, I know who and what I like, who and what I don’t like, what irritates me, what makes me happy, what I’m interested in, what I need to be content, on and on, and, I have discovered a few new things about myself in the last few years too. We’re all works in progress even when it seems the progress has come to a standstill. haha

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Can’t say 100% yet as haven’t gone through all different phases of life (in the middle currently) so can’t say for sure how I would react in a situation when I’ll be of that age.

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Personally, I do. My body, however, keeps mystifying me.
It keeps presenting hurdles and pain.
It is as if my body resents having ever been born, and is trying to do itself in.
Meanwhile, my psyche wants to live, explore, learn, experience.
Fucked up battle I am tired of, between the two.
Don’t tell me humans don’t have a soul. Mine lives in complete contradiction to the hopeless assemblage which is my body.

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haha Good question! And honestly, I’d like to think I do but I’ve been wondering about it lately. It’s funny you asked. Lately I’ve been doing things and acting certain ways that I never have before, and didn’t think would ever happen. But then, change is inevitable, right? For the better or worse. Anyway, not really sure I know my true self anymore, and maybe I never really have.

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I know myself is tired, and have to get up early to go to work… does that count? Otherwise, what Coloma said.

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Yes, after years of therapy and self exploration.

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Very well.

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No. I can never know myself fully. I have experienced so many changes that I don’t expect that I will know who I will be in the future. I’m an open book even to myself.

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A big yes!!!!!

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[Mod says] moved to Social

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People like to say that you will never know yourself as much as other people will know you. I call bullshit. If people really knew what went on inside my head they would not say that to me.

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@Berserker Maybe it’s that you know only one part of yourself, while others know another part of you.
You can’t see your face, but everyone else can, and they immediately notice if there’s something on it, while you may have no idea.

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