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Is there a stable, safe, and convenient way to browsing foreign websites?

Asked by Gideon2017 (644points) August 7th, 2017

My job needs me to have a good and deep knowledge of many famous international companies about compressor, gas engine, natural gas, etc.But many of their official websites are forbbiden to open.

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You need to take that up with your boss. And who is forbidding you to open them?

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^ agree with the above. There may be some filter installed, or your boss blocked some websites.

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My country forbids me.

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Then you need a different job, move out of the country, Or as a last resort, work through the mail, unless your country would censor the content of your messages to the point that you couldn’t communicate with your suppliers and clients.

I’m sorry!

And as an afterthought, this problem really is your company’s problem. They should have known about this when they hired you. Take it up with THEM!

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Sorry for that, too.

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You could try the Tor Browser

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What about VPNs or proxy software. There’s lots of information online about these services.

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Kind of depends which country you’re in. Some places take a very dim view about using VPNs to by pass their laws.

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The official websites of international companies shouldn’t be blocked. What country are you in and what companies are you trying to research?

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Are you from China / North Korea?

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Do you have access to usiness databaseslike Businees Source Premier? If so, you can get company data and SWOT analyses from that.

If you can’t find the data you need, talk to youe supervisor about the problem.

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Yet another non-responder.

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@janbb Time differences

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@flutherother China. Much data can be downloaded by means of registing to be a VIP member. But it is expensive.

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@imrainmaker China. One of the coastal provinces.

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@Gideon2017 Glad you came back to it.

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Ask your company to pay for the VIP membership. Tell them it’s part of the cost of doing business, and if they do, you will reward them as being the best salesman you can possibly be.

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Social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked in China but company websites should be accessible. Companies use their websites to promote their image and their products and don’t normally charge for access. If they do there isn’t much you can do about it. If access is restricted at the Chinese end you could try one of the many VPN services though the Chinese government is cracking down on these. They said this recently:

“The new regulation issued in January this year won’t affect the domestic and foreign enterprises and the majority of users who legally get access to the internet… The object of the new regulation is those unauthorized enterprises and individuals who haven’t got the licence to use VPNs… As for those foreign trade enterprises and multinational companies who need to get access to cross-border network, they can rent VPNs from those authorized carriers according to the law”

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