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Could I be pregnant?

Asked by Thaliah (10points) August 7th, 2017 from iPhone

I am 24 years old, I have regular periods, I track my period and the symptoms I experience associated with it. I typically have a 23–24 day cycle, I typically ovulate on the 10th or 11th day of my cycle. I am on day 33, my period is 8 days late. I had unprotected sex late at night on the 12th day of my cycle (early morning of the 13th) I am experiencing fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headaches, extremely tender breasts. I took an at home test when I was 6 days late, it was negative, and my tracking app said I was late but still within the normal. Today it says that I have been late for a long period of time, as time goes on I am getting more worried about this situation. I don’t know if I should buy another test or if I should just go to the doctors. Also if you have any ideas on why else I have missed my period please share

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I would buy another home test and see what it says.

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It sounds like you may be.

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Another test and then if still negative go check out your hormones.

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Yes, of course, if you had unprotected sex you may be pregnant.

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Only way to know for certain is to go to the doctor.

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It seems some test say the won’t show up positive until 7 days after your cycle. I know you say your cycle is about 23 or 24 days , but most people have a cycle of 28 days. So I would wait until 7 days after your 28th day. Or simply put, 2 more days, before trying again.
But it certainly sounds like you have all the symptoms of pregnancy.
Whether it comes back positive or negative, go see a doctor. If you get your cycle and you have heavy, unusual bleeding, then also go see a doctor.
Cycles sometimes just change because of some hormonal changes. Also recent illness, or even a change in exercise can affect your cycle, or extreme dieting. Even stress.

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By 6 days late it should show up positive, but sometimes the hormone is slow to escalate at first. I think just go to the doctor and get a blood test. Don’t waste your money on a pee test from the drug store or at the doctor. The doctor uses the same urine test you do, waste of money if you are going to do the blood test anyway.

That’s what I would do, but certainly you can do another test at home.

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Any number of things can cause a late period, including stress, time zone changes, or hormonal changes. Are you using contraception or fertility awareness?

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Headache, vommiting and other uncomfortable feelings could be resulted in nervous. I know that you dont want the thing to come ture, but, time is going on, life is going on, everything is going to the future continuously. Nothing will be stopped by our will. So, just face it, face the test bravely again. You are a pretty girl and you will keep pretty for decades years.

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You could be pregnant, but your symptoms could indicate a number of things.

It is possible to get a false negative. The home pg tests respond to raised HCG levels in your blood. My body would not elevate HCG right away, unlike most women. The only way to get a positive test was to get a blood test.

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You’re pregnant. Now what?

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I would go to the doctors. At home pregnancy tests are not always accurate. This is because a variety of different hormone fluctuations can cause a false negative or false positive. A doctor can give you an answer for sure.

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I see that the OP hasn’t returned since the day she asked this question. I hope she returns and lets us know how this turned out.

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Why do people do that?

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Because maybe the whole Q is bullshit.

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