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Are you supposed to eat the fresh ginger with sushi?

Asked by emt333 (794points) August 11th, 2008

I’m talking about those pink leaves they give you. is that ginger? are you supposed to eat it? every time i do i get a stomach ache shortly thereafter

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It’s actually pickled ginger, but yeah. I eat it last as a breath freshener and digestif.

Funny it bothers you, ginger helps an upset stomach.

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In my experience, you get pickled ginger with sushi, not fresh. And yes, you are supposed to eat it. It’s to clear your palate for the next item you eat.

Ginger usually settles your stomach, instead of making it ache. Are you sure it isn’t the wasabi or that the sushi is fresh enough?

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I do! It’s really good with the dynamite roll, but I wouldn’t eat a lot at once by itself.

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I love the ginger. If it does not agree with you, though, just don’t eat it.

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as a general rule if something upsets your stomach don’t eat it.

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daloon is right, you eat it between different types of sushi so you dont get the after taste of crab when eating a fresh tuna piece.

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