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How do I transfer songs off my iPod?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) August 11th, 2008

I have an old iPod with songs from an old computer—I just got a Nano, how do I transfer the songs from my old iPod to my new iMac and new iPod?

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Senuti, check it out. Too lazy to provide a link, sorry.

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I’ve tried ephpod and copytrans and they suck.
iDump works pretty fast :D I love it

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senuti gets my vote…

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All i did was open my iPod like a folder through My Computer and selected all of the music folders. They all have odd names like “F01” Just create a new folder on your computer and drag all of these files to that folder. When you add the folder to your iTunes, the correct names will autimatically return. Then you will be free to add the songs to want to your new iPod. (I used a PC, if this does’t work on a Mac, use a PC and just transfer your files.)

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