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How can I improve my social life?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1102points) August 8th, 2017

I am getting very depressed because I have no social life other than my family. It is getting to the point where it is affecting my health.

I’m a 22 yo female. Introverted. Hobbies consist of running, hiking, scrapbooking, photography, reading, and traveling the globe. As you can see, although I have a lot of hobbies that I do on a regular basis, they are mostly solo hobbies.

I am considering picking up volunteering to meet new people and do something good for the community. I have to apply for the position I want though.

I am currently in nursing school and I have one year left until graduation. In my class, I made friends with three girls who are all older and married. They are sweet but they never have time to hang out with me (or they don’t want to. Who knows).

There are a lot of girls my age, but they don’t really talk to me. They are very cliquey and I just naturally never fit in with cliques. Once this semester starts I am going to make an effort to hang around them, even if it means going to some extroverted parties that I may not be comfortable with.

Any other ways to improve my social life? Any advice on how to be charismatic?

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Join a club – you have hobbies that can be solo hobbies but they can also be done in a group. Running club. Reading group at the local library. Scrapbooking club, scrapbooking group. Photography club.

You can also take a class, even if it’s just a one night thing given by the library or local town recreation department. Photography class. Craft class, Scrapbooking class. Baking class.

If you are on Facebook, there are groups and pages for every type of hobby imaginable. You can try typing in the name of the hobby with your local county or town, for example, “Photography San Francisco.” See what comes up. “Scrapbooking Dutchess County.” If there are no groups specific to your location, just join up with the worldwide or nationwide group and then you’ll talk to people about common interests, techniques, etc. and then from that, you’ll find people who are local and you’ll find events that are local.

Also, on FB there are groups for local history or “I grew up in ____.” You can join those to connect to potential friends.

When you’re in school, if someone looks like they may be an interesting person, strike up a conversation about the school, a class, or something else. Ask them if they want to go to the coffee shop, local bakery or local bookstore. They may say yes.

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Do you have a Craigslist in your area? You can advertise in the strictly platonic section for like minded friends in your age range that share some of your interests. Exchange a few emails, call, text, meet up with a couple people and see if they’re a good blend. Nothing to lose and might gain a really good friend or 3.

Infact, if you correspond with several people make it a group meetup at a coffee shop. See what unfolds, ya gotta be bold! :-)

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find some decent boys to hang out with. Fall in with some nerds.

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First, congratulations on being able to think for yourself at such a young age, and not attempting to join some clique, just so you’ll have some “friends”. Your reticence to make new “friends” in that way shows a lot of maturity and wisdom, especially in someone so young.

Your instinctive consideration of doing volunteer work is a good one, and will allow you to meet several thoughtful, unselfish people (aka people like yourself) in a hurry.

Also, when you are a nursing professional, you are going to meet a lot of new people who will have no trouble recognizing what a quality person you are. Between this and your volunteer work (if you still have time for that), a whole new world is going to open up for you very soon.

What I’m trying to say here, Sunshinegirl, is….the most wonderful part of your life hasn’t even begun yet…...but likely will, a very short way down the road.

At least that’s how it appears to me…..

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Try Th eye have groups for just about any interest, from hiking or photography, to classical music to crafts.

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I admire your life so much. It sounds like full of freedom and you can do anything without anyone`s command. You are living in a so happy life. Dont worry and you will meet the people who is absorbed by you. Your main mission for now, is to enjoy your life.

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You might want to give Food Not Bombs a go.

You might even run into me there.

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