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What are the things that you give as gifts frequently?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) August 8th, 2017

Do you prefer gift articles or vouchers or useful items?

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Depends. I usually give people gift cards to their favorite stores. Back in the day, I’d give perfume to female friends, gag gifts to buds. Pretty much limit my gift giving to family these days, too damn expensive. And after Christmas, my credit card is usually maxed out well into the New Year.

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Gifts include books and puzzles. Have two books, waiting for delivery, for Christmas presents.

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Booze or money. I have no imagination.

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I make jewelry so I give jewelry as gifts to people I know will wear it.

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@chyna I strongly wish to be one of your friends.

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Things I know the recipient wants.

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Mmm, frequently, tough question.

I gave each child a birthday card once.

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For a wedding, something from the couple’s registry. Why go to all the trouble of shopping and guessing, when it’s so easy to buy things that people actually want?

For a childhood rite of passage, such as a bar/bat mitzvah or graduation, cash.

For adult birthday or host gifts, a bottle of wine (if the recipient drinks alcohol) or a box of candy.

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Apologies for forgiving about their birthdays, or whatever I was supposed to give a gift for. (it’s a birthday most of the time)

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I usually give picture frames with a picture of us in it.

For me personally, I enjoy gift vouchers or money. That way, you can never go wrong and risk that the gift receiver may not like the gift.

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