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What, or whom, would you sell your soul to the devil for, and thereby condemn yourself to eternal torment?

Asked by ragingloli (46567points) August 9th, 2017

For example, your offspring is about to get brutally murdered, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Then I the Devil appears and offers to save him/her/it in exchange for your soul.
Do you take this exceptionally generous offer?

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It’s over 40 degrees Celsius here, I’m already in hell.

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No. Judging by what I will have to suffer after selling my soul, I’d rather turn down the offer. Let karma deal with whoever I hate.

Or I will personally deal with them if I can. I don’t want to owe anyone anything.

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Nothing and no one.

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I am in hell now. Every day my body puts me through excruciating contortions and spasms. Most of my major joints are in pain most of the time. I am isolated by my immobility.
Worse, I used to be strong, active, adventurous, so I know what I’m missing.
There is more…
So much more, but I have mentioned enough to make my point.
No bogey man can threaten me, because there is nothing that could make it worse.
Anyway, I have no soul left. It withered and disappeared.
Come get me, loli. I might be able to teach you some new moves.

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You assume I have a soul to sell. You assume I have a soul.

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If I can eat a whole package of Oreos Double-Stuf with a gallon of milk every day for the rest of my life and actually lose weight, well…..I guess I’m in, Mr. Darkness.

Just tell me where and when we rendezvous…..

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Remember the Stephen King movie “Thinner”?

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@ragingloli Where do you think I got my deal-making prowess…??

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Of course I would take, and have already taken, that irresistible offer.

Haven’t any of you ever wondered why I’m so darned perfect? Creatures such as me simply don’t exist without preternatural intervention.

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Ayman al-Zawahiri, or maybe Lady Gaga

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Que sera, sera and I would tell the devil to go to Hell.

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Sure. I would then get to kill demons in Hell and basically become Doomguy.

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Some of these answers are cracking me up!!

I would for my family in a heart beat

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A helium balloon. Preferably purple.

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I’m still trying to get my soul back from the last wish.

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On second thought, forget “preferably.” If I’m trading my soul, I have to get my choice of color. So it has to be purple, or no deal.

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They probably have to clear that with Prince first, so….you know….don’t hold your breath….

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What, or whom, would you sell your soul to the devil for, and thereby condemn yourself to eternal torment?

To have @ragingloli and I together forever as I wax lyrical on the explication of divine eternality while we sing along to this song would be terrific:

Doug Mulray – You Are Soul

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What if the devil reneged and just took your soul?

You really trust the devil to keep his end of the bargain? I wouldn’t

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As a religious man you know that can’t happen. There are rules to this game. The Devil can’t take a soul to Hell without a reason. There is even a Christ like quality to the bargain and you might find to your surprise that at the last minute you are saved even if the Devil keeps to his word.

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