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Why do burger king and co. only have chicken wings, but not the vastly superior legs?

Asked by ragingloli (52068points) August 9th, 2017

Are the wings just cheaply obtained refuse?

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Because it’s run by stupid colonials.

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Thank you for stating the obvious, but even semi-lobotomised morons have rudimentary thought processes.

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Maybe “Big Agra” has been secretly producing these chickens with multiple sets of wings…

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Probably because they specialize in (crappy) burgers, not chicken. I agree that legs are much tastier and meatier than wings. If you want good chicken visit the Colonel, finger lickin’ good!

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okay so show me only wings at Burger King

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How many legs do you see on that page?

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You meant white meat chicken then not wings.

@ragingloli My preference is thighs and drums sticks.

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Yes, chicken wings are much cheap-cheap-cheaper to obtain and process.

P.S. Another great band name…..

The Vastly Superior Legs

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I know a guy who once worked as a butcher and he says deboning chicken legs is a giant bitch. This guy worked in the meat section of a grocery store, which is nowhere near as chained as a place like Burger King. Nobody wants bones in their sandwich so deboning the legs is probably too much work. They take what is easier to debone.
The guy who worked there also said deboned chicken is much more expensive then boned chicken because of the work it takes to take the bones away.

(sorry, I have no idea if “debone” is actually a word)

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@Berserker ‘debone’ is in fact a legitimate verb.

Anyway, now we know for certain, straight from the butcher’s mouth.

Not only a bitch…..but a giant bitch.

Thank you…...

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Well there is obviously a difference in meat prepared by human hands and meat prepared by machine and conveyor, but this is what I was told.

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Burger King is majority owned by a Brazilian company.

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Chickens with legs are harder to catch.

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@flutherother I would have thought chickens who still had their wings would be even harder to catch.

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@janbb No, because chicken wings are very rudimentary and not designed for flight. Really, I thought you would have appreciated that!

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^^ Flaps ineffectively. Gulp – yeah!

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^^They work great in the water though. There is no way Burger King is going to put penguin on the menu.

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^^ Thank goodness!

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