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What happens to an electric car when it runs out of battery?

Asked by elbanditoroso (23613points) August 9th, 2017

Not a hybrid, because a hybrid could start up the gas engine and move.

Does the electric car just suddenly die? Does it work slower and slower? How much warning is there?

And – is there the equivalent of a jump start for an electric car? (that is, does AAA have mobile battery chargers for electric cars?)


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Yeah as far as I know it just s stops when it doesn’t have enough battery power to operate it, BUT there are gauges that warn the driver when it is running low and needs a charge.

As far as AAA jumping it I don’t think we are at that stage, but it would probably qualify for a tow if it came to that.

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AAA has recharging trucks. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to provide a charge for 10 miles worth of driving, enough to get to a commercial charging station.

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The car would slow down somewhat just before going completely dead. It would have to then be at least partially recharged to go anywhere even close. No there is no jump start.

What happens to a electric car when the battery needs to be replaced? How long does a battery last? How much would a new battery cost? What would be the reason to buy a new battery? How much resale value would there be, and how much depreciation would there be? Would the electric car just be a 10 years of operation type car before throwing the car in the junk pile and buying a whole new car? Would a person be better off buying a conventional gasoline/diesel engine vehicle?
This is where I thought you might be going with your question!

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@kritiper – i just hadn’t gotten to those questions yet…..

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Not sure but if I was writing the firmware for the control system it would alert the operator and when it fell below a certain level it would enter a power saving/reserve mode to allow the driver to pull over somewhere safe before it goes into a hard shutdown.

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Wouldn’t it act the same as a normal car out of gas?

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@AshlynM No. The car loses electrical power slowly so as the battery power plays out, the demand for electrical power increases, you push harder and harder on the pedal until the power is drained entirely. It does take some time, but not too much.

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