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What is the best bar soap and why? I don't like liquid soap.

Asked by Aster (18737points) August 10th, 2017

I’m not interested in any kind of soap in a bottle like you get for holiday gifts. I want to know your bar soap’s name and what is it that you like about it? And I also don’t wish to use any soaps that smell like they were made for a man. TIA

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Lever 2000. What soap smells like it was made for a man?

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No such thing as best. It’s strictly a personal preferance.

I’ve tried MANY brands over the years but now use only Dove Sensitive Skin, non-scent. Love it. Got the recommendation right here on Fluther two or three years ago.

Search soap on this site for other recommendations.

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I have tried a number of Honey/Oatmeal soaps – not name brand, usually made by folks who sell them at craft shows. I like them.

Nothing wrong with smelling like a man.

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@stanleybmanly I think Irish Spring and Zest smell like a man should smell.
I do like Lever 2000 quite a bit but it’s a soft milled soap and shrinks up way too fast.

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Ivory. I think it smells good.
But I use liquid soap any way.

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I prefer Dial. Manly man Rick, oddly enough, prefers Dove. Dove makes me feel slimy and greasy. I don’t think it does a very good job on body odor, either.

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To me, Dove feels like it’s coating your skin with a chalk like substance and it does that to the shower walls. ick. Love the scent, though.

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I don’t think Dial has any scent. Or I just haven’t noticed.

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I’m using Nablus soap at the moment which I like. I bought it at a street market.

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I have used Ivory soap since I was a child and never found another product that I liked as much.

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Ivory for your body – It’s soap. That’s it. It’s cheap. Just soap. Nothing else.

Neutrogena (or whatever glycerin soap) for your face – Glycerin soap leaves even less film than Ivory

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Pure Soap:

This product cleans very well, yet it’s incredibly mild and pleasant. Unlike most bar soaps, it has an almond oil (not tallow) base. It even smells softly of almonds. I use it on both my face and body.

I order Pure Soap in large quantities and store it until needed.

@Aster, if you send your address by PM, I’ll mail a bar for you to try.

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Vincent Vega swears by Lava.
Really gets the blood out.

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I use kirk’s castile

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A few of the farms by me carry this soap, which is very mild, but works well and I have had much less dry skin since changing to this.
There’s only a few ingredients, unlike many of the name brand soaps that have a bunch of different ingredients and chemicals in them.

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Irish Spring

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@Pachy Interesting. I did not know that Dove made a soap with no scent. I have avoided Dove because of the smell. Maybe I’ll take a second look.

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If you google “Dove is not soap” you’ll find that Dove is actually not soap.

I use some handmade soap when I visit the farmer’s market. I also get great lavender soap from Trader Joe’s for about $3.99 per bar. The same soap is also available on Amazon under the trade name in a bunch of great scents. On Amazon, it’s about 7 bucks per bar.

Sometimes hotels have great soap. Marriott has Thanh, which has an incredible woodsy scent. I’m into scents. I also will get great soap at TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshall’s. Wonderful soaps, great scents, usually about 4 bucks a bar – usually a heavy bar and beautifully packaged.

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My favorite soap is these disks that seem to be some sort of cinnamon and oatmeal. These are fantastic since they are very abrasive. I just rub them on me and it makes it so a washcloth is not needed.

My sister gets them but she has gotten them for over a decade and she has lived in multiple cities. I think she gets them at Trader Joes. They are awesome. You smell like a cinnamon roll for a few yours after the shower.

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@johnpowell: I just googled and Trader Joe’s makes an Oatmeal and Honey soap. It’s not round, though, which, when you describe them as “disks” makes me think you mean round.

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My old standby is Irish Spring but I bought some of this Silt Soap a couple of years ago and I thought it was great. Lemon Creek was my fav.

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@jca… I mean round flat disks. About ¼” in height and 4 inches in diameter. In the end you smell like you made love to a Cinnabon.

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I am sensitive to soap so use Dove Unscented like @Pachy. In fact, I know I have mentioned this before on here so I am taking the credit for converting @Pachy to it. I can’t stand the smell of the ordinary Dove.

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@johnpowell: I’m googling “Trader Joe’s round soap” and nothing is coming up that’s round. I also googled last night “Trader Joe’s cinnamon soap” and I got the oatmeal honey soap but it wasn’t round. Are you sure it’s from Trader Joe’s?

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Right you are, @Stinley. I owe ya.

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We use Dr. Bronner’s All One Hemp Baby Unscented Pure Castile Bar Soap. It has the least scent of any soap I have tried. It’s gentle on my husband’s skin, which is rather sensitive.

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I never use mass produced bar soap – it’s typically made of animal fat. I use vegetable oil soaps, preferably a nice, smooth triple milled soap.

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I love soap, too, @syz but it would kill me to pay 12 bucks a bar for it!

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@jca Good grief, I didn’t notice that. No, I don’t pay that, either. I usually find them for around $5.00, but wait until they go on sale – I stock up at around $3.00.

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Do you guys recycle your bits of bar soap? I do. I have a baking pan that holds about 12 mini-loaf size doughs. I just gather my soap bits up, cram them in one of the things, put water on them, cover them tightly until the water soaks through and through, then uncover and allow to dry. Presto. New bar of soap.

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I don’t recycle it. I find when the soap gets old, it’s dry and cracked. I am also into scents, and nothing like a nice new highly scented bar with a great fragrance, @Dutchess_III.

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I hate waste of any kind.
You could always pour a touch of vanilla or orange flavoring on it, too.

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My DIL gave us grief for having the same little hand soaps in the bathroom for over a year. Like it is my fault people don’t wash their hands enough after using the restroom. Use it and it will be replaced. Don’t and it will stay forever if it has to.

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I don’t know if you can get this soap but if you can try it: Wright’s Coal Tar Soap

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