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What simple summer pleasures do you enjoy most?

Asked by janbb (52617points) August 10th, 2017

Just had a refreshing shower after an afternoon at the beach and was thinking what a pleasure that was. What simple things do you enjoy doing or experiencing in the summer?

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None.Especially on days like today where it’s oppressively hot.

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All of it. The heat, the green vegetation, gardening, motorcycling, bicycling, hiking, working around the yard, longer daylight hours, fishing, camping. Everything about summer is awesome. Winter….fuck winter.

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Lightning storms and cool breezes.

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I’m with @Darth Algar Not into the heat, at all, makes me really grumpy and annoyed but love cool showers when hot and sitting outside on a nice night with a summer breeze and the crickets chirping. Watermelon is next, can’t get enough of that cool, juicy, deliciousness.
Just bought another one today, will dive into it later.

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A swim in one of our local lakes,but this year that has all gone down the tubes due to the lower half of the province being covered in a thick blanket of smoke due to all the wild fires here in bc.

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Pigging out on local summer fruit and veggies, living in shorts and T’s, sitting on the lawn at Tanglewood listening to the Boston Pops play great classical music, and looking forward to my first autumn in Boston.

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No, wait, there is one thing I love about summer – the sound of cicadas.

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Nothing beats cycling by the shores of Loch Lomond on a warm summer’s day and a paper cup of tea and a cheeseburger from the caravan at Luss.

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Golf, of course. But also fresh sweetcorn on the cob. And sweet ripe watermelon. And large soft avocados. A spin around the delta in the boat can be very pleasant as well. Hell truth be told, I agree with @ARE_you_kidding_me, I love everything about summer and hate everything about winter.

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· My basil plants – First big pesto harvest tomorrow!

· Garden parties

· The fruit and vegetables at the store and the farmers markets

· Bicycling – I had the day off today and rode 20 miles around town running errands and simply pedaling for fun, including 7 miles along the lake

· Lake Michigan – The beaches and lakefront paths are full, everybody is happy to be here

· Outdoor restaurants/bar/cafe seating – A couple of days a week I meet friends for a beer outside after work

· Slacking off – We skip a lot of work days in my little office

· Air conditioning when it’s too hot

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Wearing very little clothing, yet never worrying about being cold.
Incredibly cute shoes that reveal my pedicure.
Dining on the back patio.
Swimming in the ocean.
Wonderful, ripe produce.
Outdoor concerts.
My lovely garden, so lush and green.

I love everything about summer but have equal dislike for winter.

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@flutherother I’d love to join you in cycling the bonnie banks and bonnie braes.

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Sitting in the local ice rink reading my book and drinking iced coffee. You can do that for free.

Wandering around in Costco, especially in the milk cooler room, where it’s nice and cool and they’re handing out food samples.

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Hiking. Outdoor festivals.

The sound of mockingbirds in the morning and crickets at night.

Hummingbirds, dragonflies.

In late summer, the blooming crape myrtles.

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In the part it would have been summer break, but now that I’m out of school no more break for me.

So now it will be sleeping in our air-conditioned room. Nothing like a refreshing cool air in the hot summer. Also it’s a great excuse for the family to gather. It’s nice to see everyone together.

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When I live in 4 season places I live the warm of summer. The blue skies, sunshine, swimming pools, and green everywhere. I like walking outside in a t-shirt and slide on shoes.

I live in FL now, so summer, especially August, which is the month we are in now, is very hot and humid. I still like the blue skies, sunshine, and I’ll add palm trees. It’s just too hot to be out more than two hours with a pool nearby, or a super air conditioned place for relief. I was at Disney today, and in 3 hours I was wiped out.

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Going barefoot all the time. And having all the windows open. I love that summer breeze. It’s gorgeous. And fresh from the farm tomatoes!

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Oh yes, the tomatoes and cucumbers and squash from the garden here are superb right now. Helps with the crankiness of the heat. haha

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I love winter.

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Local blueberries in June and corn in July.

Walking on the beach at night when it cools off.


And, starting next Summer, having three months off as I just landed a professor’s gig at a university!

I’m not a fan of the Summer generally, but I’ll figure it out.

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Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Summertime

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Being in the forest, or at the beach. Showering off the sweat. Cold drinks when I’m hot. Driving with the windows down. Sunsets.

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As a kid, it was baseball, looking for snakes and praying mantises, climbing trees, riding bikes. As an adult I have learned to appreciate the simpler things…taking a dip in the pool after mowing the lawn, going to the beach, and really just feeling the sun and heat wrap my body up.

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A shower after camping hard for 4 days is definitely at the top of my list!

Sitting outside at our campsite in the afternoon, watching the world go by.

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Any place with a beach, whether it’s a lake or the ocean, although I prefer the ocean.

Eating dinner outside, either here or at someone else’s house.

Laying on my deck. It’s currently 7 pm here in southern NY and it’s not been the hottest summer. Now I have a blanket on.

I can’t say “watermelon” or anything like that because those things are available year-round now.

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Not getting up early and clearing snow off of my car.
Not starting the car 20 minutes early, so I won’t freeze to death on the way to work, or anywhere else.
Not driving on ice.
Sleeping with the window open.

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We have some wild roses (I think they’re roses) and a hibiscus in our back yard. I love watching the humming birds. They’re just such incredible creatures, and a true delight of the summertime.

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Just booked a weekend at the beach here in CA. for Oct. 1. Can’t wait.

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