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What actor do you have the biggest "man crush," on?

Asked by Edgarex86 (110points) August 11th, 2008

I am a guy and I just love to see some actors on the screen. Mine are Clive Owen and Philip Seymour-Hoffman

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Owen Wilson.

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This topic is pretty gay.

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I don’t think that it is gay, sometimes males have a male actor that they love to watch in movies. I am sure you have a “girl crush” on a favorite actress of yours.

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I don’t see the problem with finding other males attractive or talented.

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Oooh, and Zach Braff.

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Christian Bale is on my man-crush list for movies. Hugh Jackman as well. And the two of them in The Prestige was such a great thing!

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Paul Walker, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio.

no homo of course

also the jew Seth Rogen is a runner up. flipping hilarious

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Paul Walker, really? What if your fav movie with him?

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My favorite movie with him was Into the Blue, he seemed like a great guy to hang around with.

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Seconded, mrjadkins. Definitely Christian Bale.

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How about the concept of “bro-mance”? Is bro-mance the same as man-crush?

Oh and after hearing Seth Rogen on Howard Stern today, I can understand @crunchaweezy. That guy is funny. Not a man-crush or bro-mance for me.

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Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Fight Club is the best movie of all time and they are very talented in almost everything they do. I want to see more of them together.

And I’m in no way gay, by the way. That’s pointed at you, simone

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@Randy – i just saw Fight Club today for the first time!!!

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Antonio Banderas. He’s soooo dreamy!
And who would kick George Clopney out of bed? Certainly not this naughty boy!

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@PnL What’d ya think???

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astrochuck made me lol! :D
Well I’m a straight girl and I’m going to step in and say my “girl crush” is Natalie Portman. She’s smart, beautiful, and very talented.

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Did I say Clopney?

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I liked it !! Well, to be honest, my first sentence was “What…the….fuck!!!” as soon as it got over, but once i had time to mull over some parts, i felt better about it haha.

also straight, but my girl crush would be tina fey. i just find her to be an intelligent, hardworking and witty person.

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Denzel Washington, and Will Smith.(As long as he stops making crappy movies) When Fight Club came out it was Brad Pitt, but not anymore. Christian Bale is the man right now though.

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Ah, for sure. My first statement was the same. It’s just like wait, what? But yeah, it’s a bad ass movie. I watch it at least once a week. I love it. If you liked the movie, you should check out the book. (if your a reader, that is.)

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Straight girl here, and I say Annette Benning.

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there’s a book?? i didn’t even know. yes, i am a reader, i’ll look into it.

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Oh yeah! Do you know who Chuck Palahniuk is? He’s the author and Fight Club isn’t even his best work!

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Robert De Niro- and Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig played the Bond that Fleming penned (mean, craggy, sexy killer), not the Brit-humour Bond that the other movies created. Dan the man.
I used to admire Pierce Brosnan, until I saw him eating on The Thomas Crown Affair. He chews like a decidedly un-sexy starving rabbit.

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As opposed to a sexy starving rabbit?

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I have to say one thing…. the men of fluther have great taste in men!!

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Maybe to another rabbit. They are horny little buggers.

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Will Ferrell… Ohhh I could listen to that George Bush snicker all day…

@ about 5:40 if you don’t know what I mean…

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Paul Rudd

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