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How many countries do you know exist?

Asked by imrainmaker (7513points) August 12th, 2017

Out of total 196 odd countries in the world how many do you know exists? I can say I have heard about 90 odd countries. This is not a competition but just fact check how much we are aware of the world we live in.

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I know most countries other than pacific islanders and the tiny African countries which I know little.

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All of Europe and Americas, most of Asia, Australia (like that’s hard) and a bit of Africa. I know some african countries by name, but I can’t locate them. I know the Sahara well, though.

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^^ By knowing i meant you should be able to say something about it other than its capital / continent name.

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@imrainmaker O.K. I only know about mostly English speaking countries. Also most European countries.

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@imrainmaker then exclude Africa and south America.

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North and Central America, a bit of south America and Africa, most of Europe and Asia, Australia. the Antarctic.

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Geography is not my strong suit. I can name a few, and I recognize the name of others when I see them on a list, but I can barely pass a test showing them on a map.

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Without looking at anything and trying to count, I can think of over a hundred to say something about. Then I start having some trouble coming up with more. I’m weakest in Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, I think.

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For around half the countries of the world I know next to nothing. Collins World Atlas which I bought recently helps fill in the gaps in my knowledge.

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I know that in Canada, milk comes in bags.

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“Hey, buddy, it says here that this bag o’ milk is six-feefty…..that’s aboot twice as much as they get over at the Cormier Market…..what’s up with that, eh ??”

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I’ve heard of most I’m pretty sure but can’t say I know them all, their geographic locations, government, etc.
Here are 6 little known countries.

1. Nauru


3.Brunei ( have heard of this one )



6. Malta ( Have heard of this one too )

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Between stamp collecting when I was younger and being well educated in geography, I know most of them, and could probably place them within 100 miles of where they are on a map.

Both of my parents had been to over 100 countries, and my sister is above 110.

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^^ That’s great!!..)

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Every time I watch the opening at The Olympics I am awed by how many countries I don’t know. I know most, but there are always several I never heard of, or have heard of and have very little idea where they place on the map. Of course, not every country in the world is even represented at the Olympic.

I’m pretty sure I could place 100 countries on the map, to use a round number, or get most very close to the right place. The Americas I would get more than 90% correct for sure. Western Europe the same. Eastern Europe and Asia I’d have a much harder time with. Australia, NZ, no problem.

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How about Lichtenstein?

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For all of those that want to learn some geography:

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