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What is the deal with china's Gymnastics team?

Asked by aisyna (968points) August 11th, 2008

I know there are problems with them not being 16, but you dont have to be 16 to be in the olympics cuz i know there is a 14 year old diver so why are pepole complaining that Chinas gymnasty are not 16

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Did you see the coaches bending the tiny girls completely backwards in an upside down C? One has to wonder what that does to growing skeletons. They train so hard so long.

Have you noticed that Mary Lou Retton now does commercials for hip replacements?

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The age limit for gymnastics is 16 but there are much younger competitors in the Olympics. Younger girls are more nimble and flexible because ones body stiffens up as you mature. The controversy with the Chinese women’s gymnastics team us that most don’t even look like teenagers. I believe one of the athletes was listed at 14 just a few months ago but recently showed up as 16 on her passport in lue of the Olumpics.

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ok so its only for gymnastics that you have to be 16

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@aisyna, not neccarily. Other age limit include: Boxing (17–33), Wrestling (17+), Weightlifting (17+), Soccer (<23), Judo (15+), Team Handbal (18+), and Equestrian (16+). Most countries set limits for health and safety reasons or to deter advantages that may arise from certain age groups.

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