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How different will they turn out from each other?

Asked by Sam4One (85points) August 13th, 2017

I was reading a book (fiction) and suddenly this question popped up in me.


6 new born infants are taken from 6 couples . The infants are fed the same type of food and given the same type of mental and physical training daily until their teenage years.

How will they turn out in the end?
Will they all be the same in terms of mental and physical abilities or they gonna be different depending on their DNA inherited from each of their parents?

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The genetics would be the frame that everything was built on. They could easily be extremely different. In fact, if raised together, they could develop socially into role players in their group. Diversity is key in a tribal community.

There are honestly many variables that aren’t mentioned in the op details, that could play major roles in each hypothetical child’s development.

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@MrGrimm888 There are honestly many variables that aren’t mentioned
I didn’t mentioned them on purpose as it would only make this question more complicated.I only wanted to know how will their progress be in terms of mental and physical fitness.

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They’d all be different from each other. Being raised the same does not mean they’d think and feel the same.

People living in the same community all live the same, but they still turn out to be different people.

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Genetically, some would excel physically better than the others, some would excel mentally. The interesting part of the experiment would be to see how they developed socially. Given the exact same conditions it would seem they would develop the same morals and societal norms. But each person would have slightly different needs and desires. I know some babies are needier than others, so I would attribute that to genetics.

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@Sam4One It does not say who is raising them. Are they together growing up? Too many variables which can account for differences and similarities.

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Personality and temperament are intrinsic by nature. Nurture will not change the individuals natural temperament and natural born personality style, physical strengths and weaknesses, sooo, they would still be very different. nature vs. nurture. You won’t turn an introvert into an extrovert or make an athlete out of a physically delicate person.

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Someone needs to see The Boys from Brazil.

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More similar than any other random group of 6 people who weren’t raised this way, but still different in some ways.

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Their DNA will win.
I have seen people separated from their families, grown to adulthood, and still display gestures and traits of their family, though they never had any contact.

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Impossible to say. Even if they were all genetically identical, were all raised together with in same environment, by the same people with the same food, toys, clothes, education, etc etc etc, there are simply innumerable x factors that go into shaping a person into who they are.

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I recall a study that I can’t put my finger on now that tried to answer this question. It compared the effects of Nature vs Nurture using identical adopted twins as subjects.
It wasn’t all one factor or the other. The effects were about equal: 50–50.

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@si3tech It does not say who is raising them. Are they together growing up?

That’s why i already mentioned to focus only on the things i asked. If i add more details it will create many variation and similarities. It will make the answer very complicated.

Just for your curiosity i will answer. Think the infants are being raised by couple of professional people (12 or more) who also manages the entire facility where the kids are kept. Think of this facility as large compound like a university, large open space with few of buildings in the middle..And yes they are being raised together.

Thanks to all the replies, i think i got the basic idea of the answer i was looking for.

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