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How do I make my own dried herbs?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 13th, 2017 from iPhone

I like to cook so I decided to grow an herb garden.
I am over run by basil, rosemary, tarragon and thyme
I figure I might as well dry some and use it instead of buying a jar of it in the winter
How do do that?

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Do you live in a humid or dry environment? When I lived in Colorado, it was dry enough to pick them and hang them upside down til they dried, then I roughly ground/crumbled the leafy stuff and stored it in bottles or bags.
The cayennes stayed hanging somewhere, they were pretty.

Now I live on the East Coast and it’s too humid (I avoid AC) to hang dry them, so I either do a slow dry on a cookie sheet in a low heat oven, or (more likely) I rough chop stuff, wet it, and freeze it in ice cube trays, then store the cubes in bags in the freezer.

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Yep, depends on your climate. Here in my my hot and dry part of California those herbs would be dried within 48 hours and ready to crumble into jars.

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My wife suggests laying out the leaves on paper towels and placing them in the sun, in front of a window.

If too humid, place on parchment paper on a baking sheet in a 150° oven for about two hours.

In both cases, wash the herbs first and pat dry with paper towels. Also, space the leaves apart from one another.

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Dehydrator or oven at 150* F.
^^ @cookieman is right about make it clean first.

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Keep out of sun as it can affect flavor and color. The oils evaporate. That’s why it is also best to pick them in the morning.

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