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Can you help me pick a new name?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 14th, 2017

Josie is a misspelling of Josey, as in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

I had a CO who said I reminded him of Josey Wales. At the time, I did not know who that was, but I got a copy of the movie. I don’t think I get the connection. I talk way more than he does in the move, but OK.
Anyway, he couldn’t spell, so he would write it as Josie. I came on board Fluther, and used that as my @.

He’s been gone a while, and I am sort of tired of the name, plus I don’t like the feminine spelling-not that there is anything wrong with that.

I need a new name, plus I need to know how to change it but without becoming a stranger and have people say “welcome to Fluther”

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How to change it—once you decide on a new name, PM one of the mods and request the change. I changed my own username this way, actually. I believe you’re only allowed to change your name like this once, and if I recall, you are supposed to have your original username posted on your profile page for about two weeks (so that others can see it’s you).

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From your profile, we could call you VenteDR.

Just don’t try anything with “Wales”. Too close to Whales, or Prince of… or Welch or Welches.

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or Antijosie

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NoseyJosey ??


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Do we get a prize if you choose one of our suggestions?

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Welcome to Fluther!!
oops…too soon

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Ooh, to bounce off of @Love_my_doggie:


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(no, forget that—we like names we can pronounce)

Actually, pick anything you like, keep your avatar unchanged for a while, and tell us in your profile who you were. We’ll get used to the new you. After all…

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Something simple that we can easily spell on our phones or on our computers if the auto fill doesn’t work. Something like… J. (Can’t use JOE. He used a be a user here, I think.)

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I know – we could call you “Snowflake”! :-D

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Well, your handle is your call, but my suggestion is simply, your new user name, with “aka Josie” added on. That way peeps know who you are. For instance, Dave aka Josie, something along those lines.

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No because I don’t want to type all that out on my phone!

How about “Hosie.”

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@Dutchess III Well then guess I’ll pack my horse radishes and go hock my goods elsewhere.

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If you were of my faith it could be Jewsie.

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Oh, what the hell….make it ‘Jewsie’ anyway.

( I mean…..who’s gonna know the difference ??)

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@PullMyFinger, some might say my trunk gives me away.

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@Pachy Well…...I’m half-Italian, so…...

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Ah… so PullaDaFinga?

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How about Outlaw?

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@Pachy HA HA…..Wow, you sound exactly like my (late) Sicilian grandparents….

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…who except for the language and accent were probably a whole lot like mine. ;-)

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@Pachy Yeah, grandparents can be pretty stereotypical, can’t they ?

My grandmother was rotund, very religious, cut her own spaghetti, and wouldn’t hesitate to chase us smart-ass kids around with a rolling pin….

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BUT I LIKE JOSIE!!! I think it’s a great name.

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^You know, I second that. I like @josie . Seriously. That’s the jelly I know, and respect. A rose by any other name….

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Oh. Make sure not to change it to José, or you might get deported.

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I kinda like Josie, but I had no idea that you weren’t a woman, what about Fister?

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^The avatar didn’t clue you in?

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^Yeah. Like how I know that @chyna is a dog.~~~~

And I am a jellyfish….~~

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I like josie too, but I understand wanting a change. I didn’t dislike my older username, I just felt it was time for a new one.

Right now I’m liking the “Outlaw” suggestion, but that’s just my vote. It also looks like it’s available on the site!

@josie, you might think about a subject/object/hobby/etc. that you enjoy, that is meaningful to you, and then think of all the words you can that are associated with it. Maybe something will jump out that no one’s yet mentioned.

For example, going on the Old Western theme, here are some words I come up with (okay, I don’t know much Western-genre jargon… Wikipedia’s helping me pick out words.) Stetson, tumbleweed, quickdraw, high_noon, Pozo, lonetree (those last two are western saloons)

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OK, here it is….


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Don’t think so.

Anyway, and FYI, I’m considering @TJFKAJ-The jelly formerly known as josie.

Or maybe Saint. Another nickname, this one from my contract days, that I used for a while when I dropped out of Fluther and came back.
Thanks for all the suggestions.
A few of them were great.

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Just find a cool logo of some kind.

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St. Josie.

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TheOutlawJoseyMails ??

(best if you happen to work at the post office….)

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I think you should stick with the Eastwood theme and go with “unforgiven”... it’s simple, fits, and has a gentle tie-in.

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How’s the name picking going? :)

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It’s not, I hope. I like Josie just fine.

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I like it too, but I also know I’ll like whatever new name he might choose. A rose by any other name!

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A jose by any other name?

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Oh, how did I miss that one!! It was right under my nose…

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