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Music to my ears, he's reached 20k lurve. who is going to join the party?

Asked by Patty_Melt (13212points) August 15th, 2017

Our beloved Strauss has reached a glorious 20, 000 lurve!
It is a wonderful day for a party!

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Congratulations, DEAR friend! I love that you are here.

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Give the man a hoe down! Old Dan Tucker was a good old man, brushed his teeth with a frying pan. Combed his hair with a wagon wheel, died from a toothache in his heel!

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Woo hoo….we need more cowbell. Lets get this par-tay started!

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Look at you, waltzing onto the 20K floor of the mansion! 1–2-3 and there you are! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! You always did have a beat.

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You mean to say he’s reached yetanotherlurveparty?

CONGRATS Strauss! I’m so happy you’re a part of this community :) Very well done, good sir!

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Gratuliere, Herr Strauss.
Gut gemacht!

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Down the cool blue Danube the jelly comes sailing and right into the Mansion pool. Congrats dear Strauss.

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Kudos to Yetanotheruser for reaching 20K! And to his doppelganger Strauss as well!

We’ll have a hootenanny in your honor, you wise old folkie!

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Here come the links.
I can’t cut and paste from my phone, so please give each one a few minutes for corrections before viewing.

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Congratulations, my friend.

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How wonderful! A mid-week party, mid-August, and an eclipse on the way. I think the stars are in alignment for the Strauss party!

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Zoiks! Way to go!

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Congratulations!! So glad you could make it to the mansion. The party is in full swing and we are just waiting on the music.

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Hey Strauss! That was so quick. Congratulations! Someone brings a guitar for this party!

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^^ He was another user here for quite some time actually.

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@janbb I know. I just meant time passed so quickly.

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Rreeeaaallllll nnniiiccceeee

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You know waltzes are my favorite !

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A respected jelly lurves up. Congrats!

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Congratulations on your endurance!

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@Strauss is wonderful indeed, and how very lucky we are to have him in the tidepool.

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Well…where IS the guest of honor anyway?
Strauss, you are missing your own party. Guess that means more cake and booze for the rest of us. LOL

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Yeah Strauss, come out come out wherever you are. I got the fiddle in my foot, I’m ready to dance with these ladies. What if they threw a party, and nobody came?

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I’ll dance with you Nomorey. :-)

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Can I join you two?

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Well thank you kindly Ms. Coloma, might I take your hand then? And you may indeed Mimi. In fact, I recall when I asked you to dance at your birthday bash, you clobbered me, Mimi. I will be honored, longs you don’t knock me upside the head. Again. LOL

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Bit outdated, but funny. Lol

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@NomoreY_A That’s the point, funny. haha

@Strauss Hey party boy…don’t be a wallflower.

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Strauss was to be the Honoree and Master of Ceremonies fer this here shindig. Break out the fiddle and whistle us a tune, Nr. Strauss.

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Well done!

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Thanks, everybody! I’ve got a lot to say to each of you, but my laptop crapped out just this morning. I’ll be here, just not posting for about the next 18 hours. Meanwhile, Party On, Garth!

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@Strauss is paying for the next round ^^^^! Lemonade for some !

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Strum the guitar; pump the accordion, and pluck the harp! Music is in the mansion!
Thanks for being here! It is always a pleasure seeing your smiling face!
Congrats on the well deserved 20k!

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You always delight me with your warmth and down to earth attitude. Thanks for being here

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OK! It’s official! It’s a par-a-tey! And @Strauss is late! (I was trying to find @Yetanotheruser, but he seems to have gone somewhere else!!~)

@Patty_Melt Thank you, my friend, for hosting this party for me. When we get the Zydeco music rollin’, you’ll be my first dance…even if I have to carry you all the way. And thanks for the other music links. This is going to be a rockin’ party!

@NomoreY_A, He also “barred his door with a wagon tongue” and “said his prayers with his shotgun cocked”!...the MC has arrived!

@Coloma, What can I say, my dear…Yes I finally made it! (Did you bring any brownies?)

@tedibear Waltzing to this group. Can we fit them all in the second floor ballroom?

@marinelife Here’s some good “beat” entertainment…Probably for later in the party, when things get a little quieter.

@Soubresaut, Thank you sooo much. The feelings are mutual. A drink to old times, a drink to the present, and many drinks in the future!

@rebbel Ich danke dir sehr. Ich freue mich, dich nach deiner Pause wieder zu sehen.

@ZEPHYRA, I think that makes it a pool party…Thanks!

@janbb Thanks. As you once commented to me, we old folkies have got to stick together…Now, can you just move that flipper over just a little bit?

@Espiritus_Corvus Ahoy, skipper, get the SS Fluther seaworthy. We’re going on a Sea Cruise!

@jca The eclipse itself is reason for a party. (Actualy, anything is an excuse for a party!) Let’s make this one a party to remember!

@kritiper Thanks, old friend. I always enjoy seeing what you have to say!

@chyna Follow the links, and you will see that I have brough a lot of music of very different genres!

@Mimishu1995 I not only brought my guitar, but my accordion, and a few instruments you might recognize!

@cookieman Thanks. Always good to see you!

@Tropical_Willie How about this waltz? There’s plenty more where that came from!

@zenvelo Thanks. I always like to see what you have to say.

@Sneki2 Thank you. Do you know these ladies? I hear they’re from your neighborhood.

@MrGrimm888 Thanks for the kind words…and the respect is mutual, sir!

@stanleybmanly Endurance? I’m just too old and lazy to go anywhere else! Thank you, my friend!

@Love_my_doggie Girl, you’re making me blush! Thank you!

@tinyfaery Thanks. We’ve been here together for a long time.

@Hawaii_Jake Thanks, bruddah! I always good enjoy reading your posts.

@RedDeerGuy1 Thanks! Maybe one of these days I’ll find out where Red Deer is and come up for a visit!

@LuckyGuy There will always be music in the mansion as long as I am here! Thanks for the kind words. :D

@Stinley such kind words from such a gentle soul! Thank you so much!

Now, will someone point me to the brownie bar?

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edit – video won’t share. I’ll try again.

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@Strauss My pleasure, just call me Betty Coloma.
Everyone step aside, the Brownie Queen cometh balancing giant platters of the perfect herbal pastries. Clear the path to the buffet table. haha

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@Strauss—Prost! Cheers! :)

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God! This is going to be an international dance party!

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Yo Strauss! Congratulations!

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Happy 20k @Strauss!!! Enjoy the moment..))

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Congo rats! 20k is a big accomplishment! WTG!

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Late but still heartfelt… congratulations!

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