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Can you believe the performance of the US men's gymnastics team so far tonight (tomorrow morning)?

Asked by wundayatta (58706points) August 11th, 2008

I just saw two incredible high bar performances. They have been outperforming everyone, so far. I don’t know how many rotations they’ve been through though. Women get a lot of attention in gymnastics, but it’s worth checking out the men, too.

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It is kind of a thrilling story so far since they are performing well above most expectations.

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They are, although the Chinese are coming back.

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They were mind blowing on the high bar

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Yeah, that was amazing! they really stuck the landings, it was perfect. I’m watching sailing live right now online because one of my old sailing coaches is a favorite medal contender for laser radials! woot! isn’t that amazing??

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they really didn’t to well

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Bronze medal! Not too shabby for a team without it’s top two athletes.

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