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What ring does the word (the verb) "Judge" has to you?

Asked by rebbel (33231points) August 16th, 2017

That’s all for now.
Will come back later with a follow-up question.

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When I hear it used as a verb, I think of “evaluate, weigh the merits of…”.

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I think of it to mean making a decision based on the facts and evidence.

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I think it has a negative connotation (“I don’t judge”) but I can tell you and I’ve said it on here before, I do judge. Of course I judge. That doesn’t mean that my judgement is always right, but I judge.

There was a homeless activist on here once who talked about how it was at night, deserted street and he was walking behind a woman. He asked her for the time and for some reason, it got to where he was yelling loudly at her. She walked faster, he got madder. Apparently she judged him. He seemed very upset, the way he described the interaction. I would have judged it the way she judged it. I would have been scared, if I were her, too. Not because he was homeless, but because of his appearance and his loud yelling at her, and the circumstances of her being alone on the dark street.

For my job, I judge and I have judged since 2001. Yes, I judge.

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Everybody judges. We all do. I get irritated when someone comes on here and asks not to be judged, or someone else says someone is being judgmental. We all judge things and people and situations every single day. That is how we make decisions. We make decisions based upon what we know (or think we know) of the facts and evidence.

Some people have good judgment. Some people have poor judgment

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What ring does the word (the verb) “Judge” has to you?

I infer that I interred the accusatorial “o ring” smack bang with a clink in the middle of


I was not found beyond all reasonable doubt guilty of putting the impugning O in ACC O UNT

but I digress, as I may not have been lost, the answer is : moderate

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To make an observation. Not all judgement is negative.

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Once I made it through the tortured syntax of the question—no offense intended—I asked myself, What’s the first thought I have when I hear the verb “judge.”

It depends on the context of the sentence it’s in, of course, but sadly, given today’s fractured and incivil climate, I too often initially regard it as in some way pejorative.

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