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What things do you do to give yourself more energy?

Asked by cinnamonk (5357points) August 17th, 2017

Lately, I have been feeling drained and tired all the time. I have a bacterial infection on one side of my face and I look like shit – subsequently, I am afraid to leave my house. But I want to be active and participate in life. It’s become harder and harder as I get older, and I am not even that old.

I’m about to go to the pharmacy across the street to pick up a prescription for my infection and I don’t even feel brave enough to walk into the store, so I’m going to go through the drive thru window instead. It’s literally across the street.

What do you eat, what things do you do/etc to stay motivated and have energy?

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Stick forks in outlets.

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maybe I should have put this in general :(

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Firstly, are you taking antidepressants? You should see a doctor about that. You definitely must be suffering from depression. As for the energy, that is affected by your depressed state. Focus on your diet, get yourself vitamin B complex vitamins and try to get out a bit.

You need a little bit of early morning sunshine and somebody to talk to. Are you able to get any of these things done? What else could you do to be more active, I mean what is available in your area?

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Short term or long term?

On a long term – like days or weeks – the best way to get energy back is to rest and sleep and recharge my internal batteries.

Short term – chocolate bars or similar

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Drink some clean water. Nap.

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I’m not sure how old you are but how is your thyroid? Have you had blood work done? Your vitamin levels?

Do you eat enough protein every day? Protein will give you energy. Greek yogurt, chicken, eggs, etc.

What do I do, other than making sure my blood work is good and I eat enough protein? For short term energy, in the morning I have coffee.

The bacterial infection might be making you tired and if you’re on any other medication, that may make you tired as well. Maybe you need to go sit in a park and get some sun, too.

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When I feel like I’m in a funk I start drinking more water, less coffee and alcohol. I take a b vitamin complex, try to do somethung fun and get more exercise. Usually that takes care of it. Having a good wife helps too.

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@cinnamonk With the bacterial infection you mention it is no wonder you’re drained and tired. IMHO you will return to your normal self when the infection is cured. Can you prop yourself up with a good book or movie and relax? Lots of fluids to flush out your system too. God Bless. Hugs.

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I have a cup of tea – sometimes green tea.
Do a bit of exercise. It actually helps boost your mood and your energy levels.
Have a nap.
Talk to someone I know is uplifting.

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listen to peppy music

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Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. Earlier this evening, I did manage to get myself to the gym for the first time in days and I feel much better for it.

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@cinnamonk you went to the gym??? Well done, keep up the courage and after a week or two you will see a different person! All the best.

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@cinnamonk Vigorous exercise can be dangerous with an early infection. Did you get your antibiotic picked up and started? Your body will tell you what it needs. Pulling for you. Hugs.

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Run 6 miles every day then 3 miles a day on alternate weeks.
Workout at home don’t do gyms, oh & frolic with the saucy maid from below stairs.

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