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If you can blame all of your ills on something else would you want to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19440points) August 21st, 2017

Either on someone else or a medical condition. What would be the perfect excuse? Humor welcome. I’m still looking for the perfect excuse to blame everything on. I am down to my father was a jerk to time travel and trying to take over the world as a child. My handwriting was bad too from having too many broken wrists. Also the church for edit redacted.

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Yeah I blame my parents for not practicing safe sex.

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I blame it on the boogie.

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Gosh…at this point, nothing really.

How did you wind up with so many broken wrists @RedDeerGuy1?

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@Dutchess_III I liked to run full out and spin while running like a Olympic figure skater . I thought that I can have super powers and win lots of ribbons in track and field, and I did. I had a shot at the 100 meters dash in the Olympics. Then I dislocated my right knee and that ruined it for me.

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The genetic stew that makes me, me.

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I try to avoid indulging in blame, shame and regret. Even if “I could blame something” for all of my ills, what would that gain me?

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I’d agree with Squeeky, but it’s not like my parents knew what they were about to create.

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I do. I attribute all of my physical ills to old age, except a few due to risky decisions I made earlier. Most of the emotional trauma I’ve experienced I will take responsibility for and the rest is water under the bridge.

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Right now I believe that everything is probably my neighbor Mike’s fault.

At this moment he is outside riding bikes in the street with his little boy Alex (who is not old enough to blame for anything…...but Mike certainly is….)

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An exercise in avoiding responsibility.

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I learned a long time ago to own my own screw-ups. No sense blaming anyone or anything else. I’d like to at times, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

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“WAITRESS !!......WINE for my men !!”

“I wanna go to MIAAAAAMIIII…...”

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You have described the current Western social malaise.
Nobody can accept that they fucked themselves up.
They can only assert that somebody else fucked them over.
It is a politically perfect argument and excuse.
Everyday goes by, I try to think of a way I can exploit the strategy for myself.
Maybe somebody on Fluther can let me know which of my faults I can blame on somebody else and thus absolve myself.

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@josie You can blame my neighbor Mike if you want…...I’m OK with that…..

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It would help if there was something about him I resented or disliked.

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I think all of my ills are the fault of my parents and/or my ex husband. Okay, not really, but a lot of them are. But it’s still my job to fix them.

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Well, apart from @PullMyFinger‘s next-door-neighbour, who I do believe is the tosser who’s contributed to most ills in my life, I take full responsibility for things that have happened. I might not have been able to stop things occurring, but I can control my own reactions.

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ALL is a big word.

I blame my health problems for missing out on a lot of fun in my life, for being childless, for at least part of the anxiety I have suffered as an adult, and for making me not quite who I know I am in my mind and heart.

But, all of that above is just a small piece of who I am. I don’t dwell or think about it much at all, only when the topic comes up for a specific reason.

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No. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. I am personally responsible for making the best of any situation that I am in. If I fail to make an effort to change things, then I have only myself to blame.

@RedDeerGuy1 , the same applies to you. If you are still complaining about the same things a year from now without having tried to change anything, then you have only yourself to blame.

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@josie Oh no, Mike is one of the finest and most friendly guys you will ever meet. His wife is even more wonderful than he is. Perfect neighbors.

Mike is such a good guy that I know he’d be willing to take the hit for any life issues you may have, or have had in the past. I approached him yesterday on your behalf (if this is a premature over-step by me, please accept my apology).

I am paraphrasing, but his response went something like this…..,

“Well….I’ve never met this Josie guy, but can sense that he is pretty smart and self-aware. At your next opportunity, please tell him that I sincerely apologize for all of the unfortunate influences and obstacles that I have strewn in his path, lo these many years.

I have told my wife and son that I may have to go away for however long it takes to correct my misdeeds and, I hope, also receive Josie’s forgiveness, while at the same time forging a lasting friendship with him during the years ahead…..”


(see ?.......I told you he was a great guy…..)

P.S. @Earthbound_Misfit Mike says feel free to pile-on, if you feel so inclined…..

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Good to know @PullMyFinger. He must have broad shoulders.

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Yeah, you could say that. Mike is one of those guys who makes the rest of us neighborhood mopes look bad.

Not his fault…..the rest of us mopes’ fault, I guess…...

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