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Have you ever gotten over a phobia?

Asked by LornaLove (9926points) August 22nd, 2017

Phobias can be so debilitating, crippling and also destroy the quality of one’s life. Depending on the phobia I guess? Some who hate flying, for example, can to a degree avoid the phobia, although I’d imagine it can be very limiting.

Have you recovered from a phobia or at least managed it? If so how?

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No, my Peladophobia is here to stay.

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I used to be very afraid of heights. A trip down an intake structure of a hydroelectric dam cured that. I also used to be a hypochondriac, can’t explain how that went away.

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I’ve never had a phobia.

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I have a phobia of dogs and water. I never got over it. As a result, I hate (most) dogs, and I never learnt to swim.

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I used to hate elevators, but I finally got over it. Rarely if ever have occasion to go near a high-rise any more anyway, my burg has nary a one.

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I have a phobia for cockroaches, amd I still haven’t got over it. The phobia started as a bad childhood memory.

What I hate is that people play it down, thinking I’m a pussy for fearing cockroaches and tell me to get over it. I would very much appreciate if someone acknowledges that my fear is real and tries to aid me in getting over it.

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That’s not an unreasonable fear IMO. If there was ever proof that there is no God it’s in the fact that no God in his right mind would have brought 2 cockroaches on the ark. Or termites on a wooden boat. Just sayin’

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^ It was Noah, not God.

@Mimi I got simiar treatment for my fear of dogs too. I used to be afraid of even the smallest ones.

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The only thing that came close to a phobia for me is the fear of throwing up. I’m not so fearful about it anymore, but I think I do worry about it not than the average person. What cured me? I just think as we age we get more tolerant of discomfort. Anything from dealing with pain to being sick. Still to this day, being nauseas or throwing up is something I dread more than other types of pain or illness.

The “phobia” helped keep me from doing drugs or drinking when I was younger. The worry of puking from too much or withdrawal was enough for me to not risk it.

I guess I’m more fearful than most people about stinging insects also. I don’t like having flowering plants near my house, and one thing I love about Florida is almost every house has a screened in bubble. If a bee flies near me I sometimes will bolt to get away from it.

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Yabutt God told him to.

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So? He ordered it, not actually did it.

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I had a very bad phobia of flying. It was so bad I’d throw up before flying and of course do the right thing, avoid it!!

I did a ‘fear of flying’ course and I am cured.

Well, I was cured. However, I did not fly for a long time after a very long trip of around 15 hours. So it came back kind of. I then used ‘tapping’ and it worked.

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