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What would happen if I added little bits of chopped canned peaches to a banana loaf recipe?

Asked by Jeruba (51074points) August 22nd, 2017

I’ve taken to making a simple banana-bread-like loaf cake using boxed yellow cake mix and mashed bananas. It’s quite delicious, with taste and texture very much like traditional banana bread, but faster and easier. (Sometimes I make it with applesauce instead of bananas—just as good.)

I’m not much for improvisation in the kitchen. Sure, I experiment some, but I’m not one of those fearless, confident people who freely invent variants and know just what to substitute for what. I was actually amazed when my daring modification of cake mix worked out so well.

So before I try it, I’d like a clue: what if I chopped, say, ⅓ to ½ cup of canned cling peaches and added it to two loaves’ worth of batter (i.e., one box of cake mix plus bananas and seasoning)?

Would the peaches add too much moisture and make a soggy wet mess?
Would they dry out and shrivel like raisins?
Would they taste sweeter?
Would they taste less sweet and need some brown sugar?
Would they combine appealingly with the banana or taste awful?

Should I just forget about it?


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I think you should give it a go and see what happens! If it’s very soggy, just add custard and make it a pudding. You can use peaches for upside down cake and other desserts, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work – but I do acknowledge they have a high moisture content so they will probably break down quite quickly. Don’t chop them too finely. I’d think if the pieces are too small, they will just disintegrate.

Like you, I’m not a great experimenter. My sister could go to the cupboard, pull out different ingredients, throw them in a pan and Voila! Delicious dinner. If I did that, I’m pretty sure people would die.

Looking forward to reading more responses and please do let us know how it goes.

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Do not worry. Everything will turn out just…

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There’s only one ideal solution. Bake up some batches and forward them to me. I will selflessly subject all samples to rigorous personal scrutiny. Who says that altruism is a thing of the past?

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I’d cut them into little pieces about ¼ to ½ inch squ. I’ve done things like that before but just not with banana cake and peaches added in. If I were you, I’d drain the peaches and then maybe rinse them, so the sugary syrup is off and they’ll make the cake less soggy.

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Why not?

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Sounds awesome to me, thought of pineapple instead of peaches?

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Sounds good but do try to get as much juice out of the peaches as possible. And maybe cut down a bit on the banana ‘cause that adds moisture as well.

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M good! If you’re going to get fruity why not use a lemon cake mix? And pineapple chunks too?

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I’m with @jabbb…need to watch the moisture content. But you can always add a bit more flour.
But hell…go for it!

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Wait….where is Kardamom?

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Lol! I got “Somebody already sent this to Kardamom. Great minds think alike!” Is there an award for that? ;)

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I know you mean a packet of actual yellow cake mix, but is uranium referred to as yellowcake in the US? It is here, so when I hear Americans refer to yellow cake mix, it always makes me giggle! It really doesn’t sound so palatable.

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I would hold back half of the liquid you usually add to the mix (whatever it is milk or water, etc.) add the peaches, and judge the consistency. If it seems thicker than usual then add a little more liquid until it’s right.

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Just make sure you strain the peaches well so they don’t soak the cake. Otherwise it sounds like a good combination.

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Hm. I don’t add any liquids at all to my banana bread.

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As someone who loves both banana bread & peaches, it sound delicious to me!!! As for the extra moisture, you might want to drain the peaches well before chopping them up. I’d also finely chop the peaches. You might get a tiny bit of extra moisture from the chopped peaches; but, for me, that would be perfect!!! I’m not one to haphazardly change a recipe; but when an idea comes to mind, I usually test it out just for myself & not when expecting guests to see how it turns out. IF it tastes good to me, I make it when expecting guests & see IF they enjoy it as much as I did. IF something isn’t exactly right, I figure out a way to tweak it. I’m sure that by now you know the results. You’ve got me craving Banana/Peach Bread. Any chance you might share the results???

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