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Do humans that are named Harvey get defensive when there is a disastrous hurricane named Harvey?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26369points) August 26th, 2017

Of course the humans have nothing to do with the hurricane, but do these people get unfairly connected to the disaster and criticized when a hurricane bears their name?

Was there a Katrina backlash in 2005?

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Did people named Katrina, Sandy, etc. get annoyed about Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, etc.?

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As we all know, upon rising each morning, the first thing some people do is raise their “It’s all about me” periscope and scan the horizon for new things to be offended about (like my just ending a sentence with a preposition….but I digress).

Relative to the question here, I think that the Harveys of the world actually like that a hurricane bears their name.

It probably makes them feel kind of tough for a change, kicking the shit out of Texas, and all…..

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@Love_my_doggie – I don’t know. That’s why I am asking? I could definitely see the potential for embarrassment.

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I agree with @PullMyFinger. A hurricane CookieMan would be oddly empowering.

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Without a doubt.

I know that, since the early 80s, I have maintained an unbending respect for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…

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Haha…kinda grasping at straws here for some question fodder ey @elbanditoroso
I think most people would get a kick out of having a kick ass storm named after them.
My daughter has already had one named after her. Hurricane Emily. Category 5. That’s my girl.

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It does always weird me out a little that names get ruined by these storms. I met a girl named Katrina in college. Obviously she’d been born and named long before the storm. It’s an uncommon enough name that the hurricane is the first thing anyone thinks of when they hear it. She said that people always make storm jokes/references when they meet her and that it’s obnoxious.

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I doubt it. If there was a Hurricane JLeslie it wouldn’t bother me.

I had a second cousin by marriage (I think that’s the correct term for his relationship to me) named Harvey.

When I meet people named Andrew I don’t think of the Hurricane, and I lived through that Hurricane in FL. I wasn’t in the direct path of the eye, but there was damage where I lived and I knew a lot of people who lost jobs and homes in it. I worked for Bloomingdales at the time, and our Miami store was damaged badly. Many managers from that store commuted to our store for a year to be able to keep working.

I think because Andrew is such a common name it wasn’t ruined for me. The name Katrina isn’t very common in the US. Harvey I guess isn’t common, but since I had one in my family, I think of him when I hear the name.

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I named my daughter Emily Rose and when she was around 17 the horror flick ” The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was released. haha
She took some razzing but having a good sense of humor like her mama, it was no big deal.
Once again, if your psyche is so fragile you can’t handle being named after a Hurricane or a horror movie character, well…get some help. You can’t blame people for making an obvious association.

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Don’t think anyone here is talking about being unable to handle the association. It just gets annoying hearing the same jokes about your name over and over. People always think they’re being real original. I don’t share a name with any major storm, that I know of, but my last name is spelled a bit like a goofy English word and the jokes and nicknames I get about it are a bit annoying. Not as though I’m seeing a therapist over it or anything.

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If you apply same logic think about people named ‘Donald’ must have been going through lately~

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@Mariah I get it, I have put up with that having people make the same lame remarks about my pet goose the last 19 years. Everyone has a Christmas goose, roast goose, “joke”, so not original. Pffft.

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About ten years ago, a pretty intense hurricane came through here having my wife’s name.

This occurred on her birthday…...

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Unless Harvey or anyone with the same name as a hurricane is wanted for a crime or known to have voted for Trump (which could be argued is the same thing), I doubt he or she wouldn’t mind the notoriety in this social media-crazed culture.

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I was thinking that this was a ridiculous question and that any Harvey out there that would be offended by sharing the name with Harvey the Hurricane is just too sensitive to live in today’s world. LOL.

Then I remembered something that has been in the back of my mind for a few months now. I share a unique first name with the young son of an extremely powerful, wealthy man of great international importance. They even got the spelling right. So far, this name carries with it fairly good connotations in American public opinion. Some even consider it kinda cool. But if this kid—who is under the constant scrutiny of the press—grows up to be a notoriously irresponsible asshole, that name will be tarnished and I know that people will comment on it negatively when they discover I share that name. And I’ll have to put up with that shit for the remainder of my life.

What a pain in the ass that will be.

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Well, we’re all going to experience unwelcome, coincidental circumstances occasionally.

Bruce Jenner did no favors for girls and women who happen to be named Caitlyn

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Wasn’t it Steven Colbert who appropriately suggested that we name storms after climate change deniers?

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Hurricane Mitch, maybe 20 years ago, was massive and deadly. I had a colleague named Mitch. He wasn’t bothered by the hurricane’s name…at least not until every client and co-worker started called him “The Hurricane” and making lame-o jokes. Of course, every person thought s/he was wonderfully original and witty.

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Camille, Irene, Wilma, Rita, Patricia, Iselle, Pauline, Ingrid, Cleo (we had to evacuate from Cleo. Grand Adventure!)...well, I would hope not!

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Wilma caused me $30k in damage on my house, but I still live Wilma Flintstone.

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