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Fire at the Franklin BBQ, have you ever eaten there?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (26293points) August 26th, 2017

Franklin’s BBQ in Austin, Texas had a fire that will close them down for a long while, in their pit house. Total $350,000 damages for the pit area. Restaurant is lightly damaged mostly smoke.
It is on my bucket list of things to go to and eat there.

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I haven’t eaten there, but I’ve had the brisket. It’s good, and I’d like to try their other fine meats… but there’s so much good BBQ around, waiting in line for hours to get it seems kind of silly.

Local news says they should be open in a few weeks, you can still get some ;)

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I’ll get to eat there but not soon.

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Isn’t the pit area kind of on fire already?

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This is a little more than the pits on fire; the roof overhead and coolers for food were hit too.

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