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How would you describe the zeitgeist today?

Asked by wundayatta (58617points) August 12th, 2008

What do you think is going on that is important? How would describe the prevailing mood concerning what society considers important.

You can take this however you want. You can define zeitgeist for yourself, or use someone else’s definition. I’m looking for global impressions, if that makes any sense at all!

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Are you looking for our personal weltanschauung, or a pithy overview of the global paradigm?
Currently, we are feeling the effects of a top-heavy free-market economy with an emphasis on capitalistic gain at odds with the actual flow of marketable goods. The emphasis should be on not growing beyond our means; instead it’s on making a buck. Something’s gotta give.

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Far too much schadenfreude.

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paranoid religious fundamentalism

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Schadenfreude! Muuuahh-ha-haaaa! The most excellent substitute curse-word ever!

“What a bunch of schadenfreude!” “Can you believe this schadenfreude?”

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A schadenfreude on both your houses?

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@gail: GA for using “shadenfreude.”

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PnM; Thank you. but look at Knot’s weltanschauung, (including the two correct u‘s). (OH, by the way, I am having problem’s with my b/f’s best freind. Duz he like me? He assumed I would understood “weltanschauung. Duz that tell me something?)

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My weltanschauung or verdensbeskuelse – is that there is far too much navlebeskuelse and skinhellighed for people to actually enjoy the world and each other…...which is quite sad, but all you can do is try to tip the scales in the right direction – otherwise you just add to the problem.

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I love learning about Sauerkraut.

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