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Phrase: "used to". Is that the correct spelling/usage ?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) July 24th, 2007

I used to go to bed early.

I hear people say this and it doesn't sound awkward, but reading it is another issue. When I see it typed out it looks funny. So. Is the phrase "used to" being used correctly?

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It looks and sound sunny but is grammatically correct.
for example "Jon and I went to the park" sounds weird but is perfect correct in terms of grammar

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well "went" conveys motion... "used" as the past tense of "use" has nothing to do with a previous state of being...(if that made sense)

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"i went to bed early" would mean that i went to bed early only on a particular night
whereas "I used to go to bed early." would mean that i go to bed not just for a particular night - it could be a week or a month

(i dont think this makes much sense) wait i'll ask my cousin - shes an english teacher-intern

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it's correct.

i feel confirmed in this because a quick google search brought up several english grammar sites which discuss it (as a grammar geek i found it interesting - i never recognized exactly how to make a distinction between 'use to' and 'useD to') :
and more....

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While it is grammatically correct, it does have an awkward feel, and although I would probably use "used to" verbally, I would try to write around it, such as "Formerly, I went to bed early."

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Likewise, many people use "suppose to" instead of (the correct usage) "supposed to". I think this is because the final "d" of the first word and initial "t" of the second blend into a single consonant sound when spoken.

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