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Has anyone read any books by Anthony Bourdain?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) August 12th, 2008

I have recently become obsessed with Anthony Bourdain’s TV show No Reservations on the Travel Channel and I just learned that he is an author as well. I looked up all of his books that he’s written and I wanted to get some recommendations. I want to read one of his books that is as closely related to the TV show as possible. Thanks in advance :)

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That show is one of best shows on TV. I’ve started Kitchen Confidential and it is great so far.

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I read Kitchen Confidential (I think that was the one…) and it was a fantastic look at the back-of-the-house of restaurants Bourdain worked at early in his career. As an aspiring chef it was great to read…because I decided there was no way in hell I wanted to work that hard. That book is not at all like his TV show, but was a great read.

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Nope. But I bet they make foe interesting reading.

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Yeah I’ve heard of Kitchen Confidential, but I’d like to read something that reminds me more of his TV show. What about other authors that might have that same type of hilarious commentary about traveling to different locations around the world?

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Oh my….yes, yes, yes….....
He’s one of my absolute favourite chefs.
As a personal chef, I’ve grown fond of reading the trials and tribulations of those in the industry. He’s had more than his fair share!!!!!!
He makes no bones about who he is and how he accomplishes his goals.
The last time I was in NYC, I was fortunate enough to procure reservations at Les Halles, his infamous resto-bistro in Manhattan. What an experience.
I gotta say, eating his food is the next best thing to a self-induced orgasm.

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he’s cute for an older guy…...

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He’s a god!

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There was a fictional TV show based on him for which ran for a short time in NY. I really enjoyed it but then it was pulled. Can’t remember the name but it might even have been Kitchen Confidential. The book is on my list to read.

Jeffrey Steingarten’s books – one of them is called The Man who Ate Anything – are in a similar vein. He has a quite nasty sense of humor too.

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janbb….it’s a great read…funny as hell. You’ll never again eat out without ‘saying a little prayer’ first!

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