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What are some long-term accomplishments in your life?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (11447points) August 30th, 2017

Anything that you are proud of. Mine is holding down an apartment for 5 years and turning my life around to positive.

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Our daughter and son are well into adulthood, and both have been wonderful, caring, fun-to-be-around people for their entire lives. Every single day, never an ounce of disrespect, or trouble of any kind.

I can’t recall even one person ever disliking either one of them, at any age. They both continue to be naturally apathetic, caring and respectful of others’ concerns and feelings.

They both have college degrees, and recently have gifted us with two of the most intelligent, beautiful grandchildren anyone could ever wish for.

So…..when our turn comes to ‘leave the planet’, I think we’ll be able to close our eyes and think….

” Yeah…..we did pretty good…..”

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With humility I list what I consider to be some of my true accomplishments thus:

* Have striven to acknowledge appreciation for and return the blessings and kindness I’ve received from family, friends and strangers

* Had a career I liked and excelled in

* Pursued and often fulfilled my creative yearnings, if not always to the extent I would have liked

* Loved, have been loved, am loved

* Taveled abroad and learned firsthand that we Americans and our so-called American culture is not the center of the universe

* Was mentored by wiser men and women and have striven to pay that forward

* And perhaps most importantly, have worked hard (though often not hard enough) not to let my many flaws including selfishness prevent me from being a good citizen and decent human being.

Please forgive my verbosity, one of those flaws I mentioned.

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Surviving various medical crises and finally getting to a point where my life is relatively normal and independent.

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- Acquired necessary English competence.
– Found this site.
– Learned to accept myself for who I am.
– Learned to say “no” and have courage to flush toxic people out of my life.
– Learned to see part people’s labels and judge their action instead of their identities.
– Learned to stand by my opinion.
– Realized that nationalities don’t define people – we are all human after all.

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Simply being content with life and not having any real regret I feel is probably about as accomplished as I could hope for.

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Raised two great kids to college age, with both being equipped to take responsibility for their lives.

Addressed issues of personal substance abuse, with over 30 years abstinence.

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My gorgeous kids
My bank account
My giant cock…

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I want to be a respectable person in a company and in my home and in the eyes of my husband.
I want to be a singer because it’s my dream from childhood but could not carry on because my parents didn’t consider it as carrier.
And at last I want to be a social worker so that I help anyone who needs my help.

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Discovered the rings of Jupiter.
Solved a mistake in Newton’s gravity equation, which was unsolved for 400 years.
Taught Arnold Schwarzenegger the meaning of the word “cramp”.
Raised 3 kids who still like me, and maintained a marriage for 33 years, so far.

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I take it day by day. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived. Today, I’m happy I got my lawn mowed. As much as I hate yard work, that’s a great accomplishment for this guy.

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Successfully completing 39, soon to be 40, orbits around Sol thus far.

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