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Does someone have to show a permit when asked if they have one?

Asked by idream3r (434points) August 31st, 2017

Me and my friends have been playing at this public park for about 12 years now. Before it was mostly dirt and rocks. We were the only ones to really use it then. After they added a turf Football/Soccer field, Track field and Bleachers, people have started coming a lot. The park has become quite popular.

There are a few club teams and schools who play home games there. They all have permits and will show us when we ask. Recently a lot of random teams show up to the field and try to kick us off claiming they have a permit (most are quite rude). When we ask them for proof they get upset at us, and refuse to show one. We told them we won’t get off unless they show us a permit. After all we could of easily told them we have a permit as well.

Most teams and Coaches now a days use that “We have a permit” excuse just to take the whole field for themselves. Do they have to show a permit when asked?

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They don’t have to show a permit when asked, but they do have to show a permit if they want you to leave. What I mean is that you can’t just walk over and say “hey, do you have a permit?” But if they’re trying to use their permit as leverage, then you have the right to demand that they show it to you.

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I’d find out who is the authority for the park and ask them about the rules and if there is a way people can check who’s scheduled to use the fields when.

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We were playing touch football when someone came up and told us he had a permit for the field. We asked to see the permit, and he showed it to us. I noticed the permit said “6–8pm”, and it was only 5.
The guy said it didn’t matter, and he wanted to prepare the field, chalk the baselines, etc., so he had a point, but we let him have the infield, and played in the outfield until 6.
If that said he had a permit, and didn’t show it, I doubt we would have been accommodating.

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How difficult is it to get a permit? Since you do this regularly why not get one for your group? There would be no argument! .

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Do what @Zaku says and go to whoever has jurisdiction over the park (town park, state park, etc) and find out what the rules are as far as who enfoces the rules, etc. You want to be on solid ground if you confront someone. It’s better to do your homework ahead of time.

Also, do what @LuckyGuy says. Look into what it takes to get your own permit. If you get one, keep it with you so you “have a leg to stand on.” You can show people who confront you, and that will give you more leverage if you ask someone else for theirs.

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