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How often would you wax a new vehicle?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20609points) September 3rd, 2017

I just got a brand new truck, and didn’t opt for the protective coating the dealership offered at quite a cost.
I had that on my last truck and wasn’t impressed, so I figured I would just give it a good wax job a couple times a year.
A friend said I should wax it once a month, I think that is a bit excessive I figure a couple times a year will be good.
What are your thoughts?

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I’d be more with you, a couple times a year. But I live in California, we don’t have to worry about road grime and salt like you do. (Does wax help protect against salt? Does the dealer’s clear coat?)

Anyway, I would get it waxed when I took it through the automatic car wash, not spend a weekend a month of wax on/wax off. I am no karate kid.

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Think about the abrasive effects of wind and sand. The wax will eventually break down and need a new coat. The question is: does it matter? You expect vehicles to age (and look their age) unless you are a collector and planning to keep the truck in a heated garage forever.

But @zenvelo asks the right question: what’s wrong with the dealer’s coating?

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I expect the wax to need additional coats,and yes it does help protect it against salt and grime, and like a woman who fights her age you want to keep your new vehicle looking new for as long as possible.

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I never wax mine.

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I haven’t waxed my car since the 90s, haven’t needed to. But then, @SQUEEKY2, unlike the women you seem to know, I don’t need my car to look “new”, nor do I need to hide my age.

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Never. if I could help it. Minor scratches would be the result. Best to get a car/truck that has been, or have your car/truck painted with, high-quality polyurethane paint.

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I go to car wash once a week and have them put the “Super package” on it once a month (includes wax.)
I have the oil changed 4 times a year at dealer and have them put a complete detail with wax twice a year. My car model is one of 7100 cars made that year and one of 1100 in Candy Apple Red.

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1x a month.

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Oh, every day (except perhaps on your birthday…)

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I wouldn’t. I asked my husband, and he said he wouldn’t either. I think whether you feel you need to do this might be driven by the conditions the vehicle spends time in. Do you like polishing vehicles @SQUEEKY2? Some people do seem to enjoy such things. I remember watching this guy trimming his garden edges with a pair of scissors. Personally, I’d just grab the whipper snipper.

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I never wax my cars by hand.

Once in a while, in the car wash (which I do rarely, too), I’ll opt for the wax. I have always suspected that the same wash/wax is applied whether you pay for it or not, but that’s just my suspicion.

I have a neighbor who is always wiping and waxing his vehicle. Some people are really into their cars’ appearances.

If I were you, I’d call a local body shop and ask them what frequency they’d recommend. They will know what the road and weather conditions are in your area and what service schedule you should keep for the car to have optimum appearance.

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Wax a beat up, old, early 70’s Jeep? LOL. I can’t even tell what color it is anymore.

Maybe it’s mud. Yep, that’s what it is. It’s mud. The color of mud. The only thing that will improve this coating of mud, is more mud.

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I think 2–4 times a year is good. My husband is obsessed with his cars, and I personally think he doesn’t wax them enough. He uses all sorts of special soaps and cloths for washing and drying his cars, but doesn’t wax them a lot. I’d be surprised if he does it once a year. For my leased Kia I wouldn’t bother more than 1–2 times a year probably, but for a car I own, if I care about how it looks because it’s fairly new, then 2–4 like I said above.

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We have staff for that dear boy.

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