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In a typical month how many nights do you go to bed hungry?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 4th, 2017

Either from lack of motivation or food. I have slightly more food since I canceled some services, like cable and Amazon prime, and home renters Insurance. I had tonight’s supper this morning so I will have to eat from my stocked supplies .I am glad that I stocked up on food. Not a lot but good enough.

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I think that what the majority of us thing of as “hunger” is not what real hunger is. I think what we experience is not the same as what someone (for example, a prisoner in North Korea) who is truly hungry experiences.

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I have undergone some extreme hardship the last 4 years after being tanked in the recession but I have yet to go to bed hungry. I agree with @jca slight hunger or not having your favorite foods on hand is no comparison to prolonged, near starvation that many humans experience every day around the globe and right here in the states as well.

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I never have. I feel so very lucky in that.

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I never have gone to bed hungry. My grandson has and it breaks my heart.

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In a typical month or a typical year I never go hungry to bed. I have never known what that is like.

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In a month, maybe 3…

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Most nights, actually. Also, agree with @jca. Most of us don’t know what real hunger is. I think it would take about a week with no food to experience it.

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Actually I have heard that the hunger pangs fade away after a few days or a week or so when one goes hungry. The body/stomach gets used to being fed less and adjusts but true starvation would be horrible as you would become so weak you could hardly move eventually.

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I think I can relate here. Some nights, it’s cheaper not to eat.
It is NOT the same hunger,as someone who has absolutely nothing. But, I have often had to decidebetween health, and momey….

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Last night I was a little hungry. I ate a few cookies at around 5:00pm, and then never had dinner. That’s probably the first time I’ve gone to bed hungry in a year.

A few times a month I feel like I could eat, like I’m hungry, but I purposely don’t eat. I’m trying not to gain weight when I do it, but I’m not really hungry, it’s more like avoiding eating too much.

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Never. I’ve woken up and ate in the middle of the night, which probably isn’t good.

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Because of certain gastro-esophageal issues, I am unable to sleep for several hours after I eat. There are some night’s that I just make the decision to go to bed hungry without eating so I can sleep. That is a lot different from going to bed hungry because I couldn’t afford something to eat that day. I’ve been in that situation as well. Thankfully, those days, for me, are in the distant past.

That is still not the experience of most people in the world who experience hungry nights. I don’t think I ever went hungry for more than overnight, or maybe for a day and a half without food, even on religious or spiritual fasts.

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