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If you could take a vacation to anywhere and money was no object, where would you go?

Asked by Eureka (1655points) August 12th, 2008

And what wouldyou do?

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money is no object?
uh.. everywhere.
and do everything.
it’ll be awesome.

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well. seeing that my “places i want to see” list is ridiculously long, it would take me about 2 years to see the major spots at least. But to answer your Q, I really want to go backpacking across Europe. So that’s my #1 trip. And yes, I know that’s kinda cheating since I put all of Europe in my answer.

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If I had to choose only one place I’d go to Japan.

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A class trip through Europe :)

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@ tinyfaery – I have been lucky enough to have visited there – the one thing that sticks in my mind is how unbelieveably clean it was!

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@flameboi – I agree – high end everything would be fantastic!

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Prague. Maybe a couple of weeks in Olomouc. But mostly Prague. I studied in the Czech Republic in college and ever since, my life has at least in part been devoted to going back. I loved it there.

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Brazil or Colombia- beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, breath-taking wildlife, and even more better looking women. There’s just something about those Latinas that makes a brother melt.

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I would go to Mars, and do everything I ever wanted to do on Mars…on Mars.

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New Zealand is next on my list. I would probably try to ride a bicycle around it.

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NZ is big on my list too.

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Iceland. Beautiful country. Plenty of taverns. Pretty much unspoiled by tourists. Strange food. R-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n.

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Yeah! Too bad money makes a huge difference in the way you can enjoy things :s

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@Sueanne_Tremendous :: I love Iceland too.

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London on unlimited expenses.

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@jp: Have you been? I envy.

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I would rent a villa on the coast of Croatia for a summer, and make it my home base. Then I would make small excursions to nearby areas – Montenegro, Italy, Greece, Thera, etc. Then on my way back I would spend a week each in Spain and Morocco.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous :: I have been there a couple of times. I have a friend in Reykjavík (he now lives in Madrid). It is amazingly expensive in Iceland. It was nice to have a place to stay.

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Pliladelphia, more precisely, Southampton

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I want to go and explore Antarctica. Just look at how beautiful it is there. People always look at me like I’m crazy when I say I want to go to Antarctica, but I think it would be one of the most amazing places to visit. Those huge, blue glaciers, Iceberg Tower, massive walls of ice. It’d be amazing!
(PnL and I are such cheaters.. we pick whole continents.)

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@knotmyday – Mars?? do you have friends there?

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@lightlyseared – I have friends thatlive in Kensington – want I should intro you? They love company!

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@Allie: You’ll probably kill me when I say this, but I am leaving on August 31 for Antarctica. I will be doing research there for two months.

and @jp: Then I am going to New Zealand. ;-)

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JP: Those are awesome!!!

Les: (GASP!) How fucking exciting! Take tons of photos.. I want to see them. What are you going to be researching? I’m curious..

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Les….stop living the life I want to lead!

Allie…that’s just how we roll.

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@Les – we better see some pictures!! I am jealous – you have a great time!!

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@Allie: We monitor the Ozone hole. So my research group and I will launch these little instruments on balloons that go up to about 100,000 feet (or more) and take measurements of the ozone through the troposphere and then through the stratosphere. We have over thirty years of continuous data. It’s pretty cool.

@all: I’ll probably have a blog about my adventures. I’ll let people who are interested know about it as soon as I have made it.

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Les: Do you take along leeches? I’d like to be a leech. =D

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Allie: Alas, no we don’t. :-) It is pretty thrilling to know that in three weeks I will be on the ice. I think once I have been there, I’m going to have to do that “Visit every continent” thing. I mean, once you get the hardest one out of the way, it just seems like now the fates are telling you what you have to do.

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Thanks for making my job sound boring.

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Les: My mom works with geologists and I know there’s a group of about eight of them going to Antarctica sometime in September. They’re going to study the movement of the ice and all that good stuff. I think I picked the wrong major..

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Thank you for letting us know that YOU are going to do something that most of us will never have the chance too, now, I feel bad~ congratulations! take a fluther flag with you a put it somewhere there

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Allie: They could be going to McMurdo; that’s where I’m going to be. There is a lot of neat work that can be done down there, and even for the non-scientist. They hire people to do all sorts of different things, so you may not have picked the wrong major after all.

@flameboi: I’m sorry, I just had to let Allie know she wasn’t alone on her interest in Antarctica. I’ll try to do something Fluther-y down there and post the pic. I’ll think of something good.

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Good, I’m sure we all feel happy for you!!!!! Gosh, antartica, sounds great, you better do some good research and make this world a better place to live in o.k.?! I was just kidding in my prev. post :)

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@allie. My wife wants to go to Antarctica soo bad. I say sooo cold. But, I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity.

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space, orb around the world

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You could pee “Allie” in the snow and send her a photo. That is what I would do.

sorry, I quite smoking. a little on edge.

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@eureka- not yet.

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If it’s allowed to say Europe, then my answer is: America

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Aww, my name in pee, how sweet.

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Africa. I would spend weeks viewing the last of the charismatic megafauna and the massive herds of animals in those few pockets where they still exist.

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Travel around the world stopping everywhere.

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... taste test my way through every distillery…

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Paris – all the museums, 6 hour dinner every night, shopping.

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I’d go stay for weeks and weeks in the Faroes with wildflower’s family.

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@jp and allie: Sorry, but it is hard to pee names in snow when you are a woman. ;-)

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Oh wait, it’s supposed to be unlimited-funds travel. So after I
left my new Faroese friends, I’d like to go to Antarctica too. (Soon it’ll be
gone, you know.) Yes! Antarctica in luxury –
a perfect combination of ease and visual shock.

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I would want to go somewhere that was undiscovered and my own land.

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I’d see the rest of the US first, then Scotland, Ireland, and Australia

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My vacation would be to ______ watching my family just be happy. It is truely my greatest joy.

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I’d go someplace I could bring lots of friends and family and we could share great weather and extraordinary food.

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There is a little roman city on the coast of Croatia called Trogir – its about 20mins from Split. Magic Happens here. It is the most beautiful place i have ever seen and i keep going back! It is now my happy place and has been for a few years – seeing pictures still takes my breath away!

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The moon!!!!!! or Mars!

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