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If we could drop an F5 tornado in the middle of a hurricane, would that disrupt it enough to dissipate it?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40385points) September 6th, 2017

An little tornado, an F1, with windspeeds of 72 mph picks up where a catagory 5 hurricane leaves off.
An F5 can reach wind speeds of 318 mph.

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It might just be absorbed by the hurricane and make it even stronger.

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any tornado would be a little short lived joke to a hurricane In fact hurricanes can generate tornadoes round the clock and proceed undisturbed. The winds in tornadoes are faster but the storms are minuscule in size compared to hurricanes

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That tornado would be like this kid

Hurricanes spawn tornados all the time.

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Hurricanes generate tornadoes. So Drop it but the Hurricane will not be effected.

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Maybe if you could drop one that rotated the opposite direction into the eye…

Yes. Tornadoes happen during hurricanes, but not in the eye…

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I am curious what would happen if a strong, upward blast of air at the leading edge of a hurricane could redirect the winds upward, and if so, could that extinguish the strength of the storm?

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Well, that kind of goes back to the Jelly’s question asking about dropping a nuclear bomb in it. If we could theoretically do that without the radioactive fall out (which would be spread much further than “normal”) would that be a blast enough to mess it up?

That question is what prompted this question, BTW. I forgot to give credit.

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