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What medical term starts with Ch or K and is followed by Malformation?

Asked by flo (12904points) September 6th, 2017

It may have the letters r and y, or i, It’s very rare, and affects the brain, and the spinal chord, maybe.
It’‘s not at all incapacitating, not easily detectable, maybe.

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Chiari malformation sounds like it might be what you’re looking for.

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There is also Budd-Chiari syndrome, but it’s not a “malformation” and it’s not in the brain.

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@flo Are you thinking of an AV malformation? A is for arterial. V is for venous.

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@Rarebear I’m sorry I just got distracted by the 2 not s in your post, thank you too.
@si3tech ?

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@flo Granted my answer was awkward, but does it make sense?

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@Rarebear Yes, that’s why I thanked you. It’s good to know that something (completely unrelated?) is named that.

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